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Shared heads

Discussion in 'Governors' started by copsychus, Jul 27, 2011.

  1. Thanks for this knowmanythings. I hadn't realised that a federation with a secondary school was also an option. From what you say, one to be treated with caution maybe? I can see the value of a closer working relationship with the cluster secondary though.

    Anyone else out there with experience of shared heads?
  2. I am also in a very rural area, but am part of the GB of a fairly large secondary with several feeder primaries, some of which are very small indeed (basically one room village schools). We are currently discussing a slightly different approach, which is to form a co-operative foundation trust federation. We view this as a better option than forming an academy cluster as we would still retain firm links with the LA (for as long as it may exist) but still protect land and buildings within the trust.
    As we see it this would enable the smaller primaries to share staff and pool many central costs, but it would have the added benefit that if the primaries worked closely with each other in terms of curriculum, we as the secondary would have a much better knowledge of our year seven intake and transition would be much less of a shock to the pupils.

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