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Shape Poem Lesson, argghh

Discussion in 'Primary' started by poppypeas, Oct 17, 2008.

  1. I've got an observation during my first lesson introducing shape peoms, eek. Desperately looking for inspiration to get the children reved up and ready to write their own later in the week. Please help
  2. Thanks, Maz. We've started shape poems and the children have come up with some good ideas, so I am really pleased and looking forward to reading their final poems!
  3. Miss JJ

    Miss JJ New commenter

    hi, im just doing Y3 shape poetry as well, i used this website, www.readwritethink.org search for shape poems and look at the first lesson. it has a link for "shapepoems".

    i found it really useful, first of all it shows an example of a rhyming shape poem then allows you to choose from a load of pictures and you can write your poem onto them. We did a whole class poem on the IWB using an apple shape. i brought in an apple and allowed some pupils to smell/feel taste ect. we then brainstormed ideas for adjectives for the 5 five senses.

    i then used paired talk for pupils to think of examples of similes for the 5 senses, ie the apple looks as red as a rose. you can then print it out. i have a very low ability class of 34 and usually find it very hard to have all the class engaged at the same time! but they loved this! they were literally desperate to tell me their similies, even my LA boys who normally couldn't give two hoots! there are quite a few pictures to choose, including footbals which also went down well!

    it was one of those unexpected successful lessons, hope your obs goes well what ever you do x

  4. Lat week I did shape poems with my kids (year 6) and they loved it! Many of my children come from Africa or Jamaica, so I got an outline of the map of Africa and Jamaica andasked the children to either write the poem inside the map, just outside the outline, or trace the outline and then fill in in with their poem about these places. They produced some gorgeous work, which came in very handy since it's linked to Black History Month and we are supposed to do corridor displays with the kids' work. Whatever you so, make it relevant to the children. Don't settle for the typical rocket or Christmas tree shapes...
  5. interesting post about linking shape poems with black history week. i start this next week. I have black history month starting on monday and the unit 'patterns on the page' for a year 2 class. would like some inspiration on how i can do this idea with a year 2 class if anyone would be willing to share any ideas?
    I also need to have a display in the hall responding to the poetry by black authors/poets we have studied.

    thanks x

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