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Shape and algebraic expressions.

Discussion in 'Mathematics' started by spendymom01, Feb 9, 2014.

  1. Has anyone come across a bank of resources which collate the now increasingly popular shape and algebraic expressions questions please ? It would take a while to trawl through the EDEXCEL papers to find them all. My year 11 just did appallingly on one of these questions ( isosceles triangle - Nov 2013 ) in a mock. I want to address the weaknesses now before the last chance in June 2013.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. m4thsdotcom

    m4thsdotcom Occasional commenter

    CIMT have some in their worksheets

    Edexcel Emporium also splits GCSE topics up on their site. They have a higher algebra one from memory.
  3. lou1990lou

    lou1990lou New commenter

    If you have a log on for Edexcel's website, you could use their database where they've stored their past questions based on topics. (although I don't think it has ALL questions)

    You can find it on www.examwizard.co.uk and just use your school's (or HoD's) log in.

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