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Shakespeare Set Texts GCSE 2012

Discussion in 'English' started by ce_adams, Jul 26, 2011.

  1. I'm curious to know which are the most popular this year set texts of choice for Shakespeare this year...

    And in terms of getting visiting companies in to perform/ do drama workshops at school - what do people feel is the best price range/ most useful approach by the visiting company?

    Any contributions, gratefully received!
  2. Nice and short, for boys - Macbeth

    Bit different - Titus

    The classic for all - Romeo and Juliet

    Most schools go for M or R&J. I would also suggest a session at the Globe to the play if you can. They can offer the students a workshop with the actors or you can go for a teachers one - very helpful!

    If you need any more help, just say!

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