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Shakespeare and Literary heritage literature C.A.

Discussion in 'English' started by Studentteacher2009, Mar 7, 2011.

  1. Hello
    Please help if you can - any ideas would be much appreciated!
    I am about to start planning out my SOWs for a top set (A* - C) and a lower middle (E/F group) for the Shakespeare and literary heritage controlled assessments.

    I wondered if people had any ideas on what I should/ could study for this? My top set are a mixture of very lazy and arrogant and also some very high achieving A* students so I want to challenge them but at the same time, they are very boisterous and hard to engage at the moment. My lower set are generally very weak so I want something that is both engaging and that they are able to do without feeling overwhelmed.
    I was thinking of looking at conflict in Romeo and Juliet and some Wilfred Owen poems for the lower set. I was thinking possibly Othello and a comparison for the top set but can't think of a title yet?
    Please help if you can - I am a very confused NQT and could do with some pointers from those who have taught this/about to teach this unit.
    Many thanks

  2. chocolateheaven

    chocolateheaven New commenter

    I can only talk about what's been done in my department, some with success and others with less...
    One teacher has very successfully taught conflict in parent/child relationships in Romeo and Juliet and Frankenstein. Another has taught R&J with Much Ado About Nothing, focussing on conflict again. Less successful has been Macbeth with a range of poetry focussing on ambition - the lesson learnt from this group has been that they need a very clear focus throughout their work on whatever the theme is, particularly if looking at a range of poetry. I would say that war poetry would be a great contrast, though not sure how well it contrasts with R&J. I do know of a teacher who has contrasted love poetry with R&J, with some success. I do think though, that having looked at the work, students have done better on tasks comparing plays/novels with Shakespeare, rather than poetry.
    I'm not sure how useful that advice is, but thought I'd throw my two-penneth in! Hope it's been of some use.
  3. gruoch

    gruoch Occasional commenter

    You could try some focus on the sonnet with RnJ for your top set. Plenty of scope there, I'd have thought.
  4. Hi,

    my school are comparing Macbeth with Animal Farm on the theme of conflict. We are using the same SoW (obviously with differentiation) for top and bottom sets - you will find my SoW and activities posted in the resources section of this site.
    We selected these texts on the basis that there is enough in them for the highest ability students to excel (especially looking at author's tone and narrative style in Animal Farm) and they are also accessible enough for our weakest students.
    Good luck with whatever you choose,

  5. regentsreject

    regentsreject Occasional commenter

    Have you considered doing two Shakespeare plays with your top set? Parent/child relationshiops in R&J and King Lear or Hamlet perhaps? Treatment of love in R&J and Much Ado? Might engage them, would certainly give scope to your high achievers and make the arrogant ones put their thinking caps on!
  6. Thanks very much all of you. Now I've got lots of ideas to work with x

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