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Sexual objectification of women

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by Natsy, Mar 12, 2013.

  1. I'm hoping to run an intervention programme with a group of boys at my school with the intention of reducing sexual objectification of women/ exploring ways in which pornography can affect our views on women.
    Does anyone know of any resources that I could use/adapt/purchase to support this? Or any links that would be useful?
  2. Dove have been funding self-esteem sessions at secondary schools for mixed groups. It's a free workshop, delivered by agency teachers. If you can get them working with a small group, I imagine it would have a good impact. It's called "The Dove Self Esteem Programme" and was good for mixed gender, how we view boys/men and girls/women.
  3. VDL


    There is excellent reading for staff and suggested material/links for classroom use on this subject on the PSHE Association website.

    Also consider doing the HIT training course on pornography - great for developing your responses during debate with young people to ensure you keep tone on the right path.

    CEOP courses have also looked at this area and we have incorporated some of those ideas to look at body image prior to this topic along with education around photoshopping, supplements and steroids, sexting etc.

    It is important to look at this topic of pornography as a sliding scale with a view to establishing where, for those young people, perhaps the line might be. Megan Fox in Transformers - what's the purpose of her role in the film? even just looking at the trailer makes a great starter to discussion, look at where the camera focuses, her outfits etc. Women who remove their tops as part of their act on Britain's Got Talent - what if that was your mum to Page 3 and onwards.
  4. Check out the book by Gail Dines called Pornland - how pornography has hijacked our sexuality. And then for an alternative perspective to this read this review http://goodmenproject.com/featured-content/rebuilding-pornland/

    There are lots of projects across the UK, normally established after an area or local authority has undergone a serious case review that provide great support for victims of sexual exploitation. However there is nothing that I am aware of that addresses the perpetrators of these crimes. We certainly need to be educating our young people how to stay safe and make more informed choices when it comes to relationships.

    Boys and young men in particular need all the help they can get to improve their media literacy skills and make sense of the way big corporates use sexual imagery to promote their products. CHeck out this facebook page for some great examples of sexist ads https://www.facebook.com/mydangerousloverboy?ref=hl

    Good luck with it.

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