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Sex Relationships Education

Discussion in 'Personal' started by Grace3784, May 21, 2011.

  1. HI,
    Coming up to Health Week in our school and we usually do most of the sex education then.
    Just wondering if anyone has already organised what to teach in each year group building on information by the time the children get to year 6. I have split the learning into KS1 and KS2 but want it more specific than that.
    Any help is great
  2. Sex relationships?
    At that age?
    Am I behind the times?
    Here in Germany it is the birds and the bees at that age (we start very early) but the whole emotions and relationships stuff is not done at such an age. That comes at secondary school and from the parents.
    I am not sure the emotions and urges are there to deal with (very remotely possible in year 6 perhaps) - they cannot comprehend what it feels like. It is all far too abstract and a long way away.
    Or am I misunderstanding you?

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