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Sex, honour, shame and blackmail in an online world

Discussion in 'PSHE' started by AndrewvanZyl, Nov 8, 2016.

  1. AndrewvanZyl

    AndrewvanZyl Occasional commenter

    Dear All

    We tend to read or be exposed to stories or "misadventures" in social media from a Western cultural perspective. But what happens when social media goes wrong in a far more conservative society? This story is the first of a handful which looks at the interface of tech and far more traditional notions of modesty etc. Well worth looking into, and lots of food for thought and discussion!

    "A BBC investigation has found that thousands of young women in conservative societies across North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia are being shamed or blackmailed with private and sometimes sexually explicit images. Daniel Silas Adamson looks at how smartphones and social media are colliding head-on with traditional notions of honour and shame."

    This is the first in a series of BBC reports looking at how new technology has collided with age-old notions about honour and shame across North Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. You can explore all these stories here.

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