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setting up year 2 classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by joss10, Jul 16, 2006.

  1. doingthis for the first time. What resources should I not be without? Any ideas about anything is appreciated.
  2. doingthis for the first time. What resources should I not be without? Any ideas about anything is appreciated.
  3. I'm moving back to Year 2 after a few years in Reception. What sort of things do Year 2 teachers have on their walls all year round? High Frequency words? Connectives? Calendar? Birthdays? Thanks!
  4. In my Year 2 classroom I have had

    Multiplication tables 2s 5s and 10s

    High Frequency Words

    Time connectives - after that, next, later etc

    Large 100 square

    Alphabet ( they do still need it! )

    Colours and colour words

    Numbers to 20 and their written name

    2D and 3D shapes and their written name

    Children's birthdays

    Jobs for week and the monitors ie register, pencil shaprpening etc

    Think that's it for now, hope it's of some use!
  5. A must for every classroom, regardless of age, is a battery operated pencil sharpener. They cost about £1.50 from Wilkinsons. They sharpen pencils in seconds, so the teacher or TA can have plenty ready for those children who seem to think that the lesson is a chance to sharpen pencils instead of working. They save loads of time and they also prevent blisters.

    Other things that you might consider are:

    A file of time fillers

    A visual timetable

    Bluetack (there's never enough!)

    Adult sized scissors (kept away from the children of course, marked with your name to prevent them from finding a new home in someone else's classroom)


    Stamp for use when marking work (to prevent you from having to keep writing the same comments - saves time!)

    I've seen other threads on classrooms for different years - it might be worth having a look on those as well, as some of the things are relevant to all primary classrooms (such as paracetomol!)
  6. Have a look at www.**********.co.uk
    I have the 1 & 2 high frequency word butterflies on a line, the children love and refer to them and they look great
  7. A Role Play area is a must - there are loads of threads with good ideas.
  8. Keep the suggestions coming please!!
  9. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    remember the HFW have changed so your butterflies need updating
  10. Msz - what do you mean HFW have changed?

    Keep ideas coming I have picked some good tips for my classroom in September.

    Things I had this year were
    100 square
    Number Line
    Prayers (work in a Catholic School)
    Table Monitors
    Register monitor

    Cant seem to remember what else at the moment.
  11. I'll also be starting in yr2 this September.Role play area-definitely-just got to decide what to put in it?!

    I have made a few resources: alphabet, numbers, calender, weather chart, days of the week, months of the year, monitoring jobs, visual timetable...can't think what else I have made.
  12. Anymore tips?
  13. Hi, I'm going to be in Year 2/3- will I need a roleplay area in my classroom, please? Space is so cramped,not sure where it'll go.
  14. book corner with photos of children holding their favourite book and quote why they recommend it.
    Bonds to 10 and 20.
    Sentence checklist - what needs to be in a sentence and think, say, write, read checklist.
    Map of Great Britain.
    Addition, subtraction, multiplication, division vocab poster.

    Think I'd best update my resources I don't have colour names or alphabet or stuff like that... oops!
  15. teeny8

    teeny8 New commenter

    I have the Jolly Phonics frieze for those children that still need to refer to it as well as the alphabet.
    I also have a Story Mountain and language appropriate to each point on the story mountain, which we develop throughout the year with suggestions from the children. I do the same when we're working on non-fiction texts but it tends to be a working display using non-fiction skeletons and characters.
    A Punctuation Pyramid which goes up to Level 4 and a Connective Wall.
    Maths and Literacy targets are always displayed.
    I also have things like a number line with words and numbers, colour posters, 2D & 3D shapes, etc, but they've already been mentioned. x
  16. any suggestions for year 4 or 5? im an NQT and not sure which of these years i will have yet
  17. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    Are you starting in Sept or now? I think you have been given tonnes of ideas for walls etc but what tended to catch me out were resources for topics. School stuff is never enough. Start collecting spare fabric off people now, and wool, buttons, felt scraps etc. You'll need them for two DT topics. Ask EVERYONE you know to send you a postcard whenever they go on holiday and if you have friends going to blackpool etc ask them to buy you a stack of them too. You'll need written and blank ones of various designs for geography, honestly you can't have too many. Buy yourself a puppet - they are indispensible for literacy and maths.Get some reading comprehension books (Year 2 and 3) for pushing it come SATs time.I have just managed to find a huge phoneme poster at my local book warehouse like the ones they use in letters and sounds DVD - I would also recommend you get one of these. Phew!There's tonnes of minibeast stuff out there for science - I got a free photopack from RSPCA which proved very useful, and depending on time of year you do this unit you can also get caterpillar kits from ebay to raise own butterflies - kids love it.********** will be your best friend, but don't neglect communication4all, SENTeacher or firstschoolyears - I have found them fabulously useful. If anyone has knex, lego, meccano going begging take their hands off. Get a baker ross catalogue.
    Oh - And enjoy teaching them!! You'll love it.
  18. dagnabit

    dagnabit New commenter

    Sorry - post was for OP - I wouldn't know about 4 and 5!!

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