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Setting up Year 1 Classroom

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Thumperlina, May 16, 2007.

  1. For the last 2 years I have been teaching Year 3. I have been asked to take a year 1 class from September which I'm really looking forward to but I need ideas for setting up the classroom. Any ideas greatly appreciated...
  2. For the last 2 years I have been teaching Year 3. I have been asked to take a year 1 class from September which I'm really looking forward to but I need ideas for setting up the classroom. Any ideas greatly appreciated...
  3. A year one classroom in September should look the same as a Reception classroom to aid the children's transition so take your lead from that. Consider role play, construction, creative, writing and number areas with a wide range of resouces for the children to access. Hope this helps
  4. Put things that you really want to be seen lower down on the walls - the children are much tinier ;-)
  5. to Thumperlina... I am in similar position I am NQT in y3 going into Y1 in Sept.I have been asked which items I need, but I am unsure of what are the 'essentials'- can't do without products/ resources/ toys/equipment ?
    I am also a bit worried about going from all chn having own desks, seats & ability groups into a more free/ play situation
    Is your school trying to have 'creative themed curricula'?
  6. I might be changing year groups too... it would be interesting to know what year 1 teachers would recommend for a year 1 classroom

    Looking forward to your suggestions
  7. I would go with post 1 - we are currently tackling the transition process and are looking forward to adopting reception procedures. Also - Sparkle box has fantastic resources/labels etc!

    We believe that our phonics displays are really important - but this continues right through the school. So we have phonemes, alternatives, cursive script on show, and visual number resources.
  8. skybloo

    skybloo New commenter

    make sure you have NLS words displayed.

    We tried to a creative curricula but were held back by the DH. Wouldnt let us work with small groups while others were on independent tasks.
    Good luck, I did the same as you, year 2 for 2 years and now year 1 for 2. And unknown for next year so far!
  9. I'm an NQT, started in year 1 this year and am staying next year. In my school Year 1 is considered as part of the foundation stage and I have a classroom which reflects this. I have two teaching tables and the rest of the classroom is set up in areas in the same way as a reception classroom is. I have a role play area, maths and writing tables, book corner, construction, workshop (paint and gluing), sand, topic and malleable. As long as you put challenging things in your areas, the children will work independently and produce fantastic work. I would suggest you go on a course or visit some schools to see how they are set up if you can; this helped me greatly, as at the beginning I didn't know the first thing about continuous provision or enhancements, know I feel like an expert!
    I second Sherry2828, ********** is a must!
  10. My Year 1 has 4 teaching tables and provision areas, I am lucky as my classroom is quiet big! It means I can begin like in reception and work with groups while some are in provision areas. It also allows me to change gradually to working as a whole class by the end of the year. I am an NQT but it has worked really wel. There is no big change of the classroom half way through so kids don't notice a change!

    I would also make sure you have letter cards on the table and as someone said HF words.

    This is just my experience but it has worked really well this year.
  11. High frequency words and a maths display.

    We are working on improving transition so I want my classroom to be like a rec room with lots of "planning" activities.

    Any other great ideas?

    I definitely agree with everyone who said **********.

  12. I'm in the same situation, Y2 for 3 yrs then Y3 this yr and going to Y1 in Sept. I've been told by foundation stage manager to copy the foundation stage for first hlaf term with just 2 tables in for LSA and myself to work with a group, continuous provistion for those less able in corridor and lots of areas of learning in class...depending on size and resources of course. ********** is fab, as is communication4all and ******....all free too! Good luck...I'm really looking forward to it. x
  13. I am a NQT so am also looking for advice. However, I have come across a website called Tpet which is great for free downloadable resources. How about a Visual Timetable? Lots of numberlines. Show and Tell system. Take lots of photos for evidence and have a way of storing/documenting. I've been reading a lot in the last few weeks and I think there seems to be no 'right way' of setting up your classroom - just make it as interesting as time/budget allows! Have fun. x

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