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Setting up my new classroom

Discussion in 'Modern foreign languages' started by Appledoregirl, Aug 18, 2012.

  1. I've never had my own teaching room before but will have one from September. I've looked through a lot of stuff on TES and elsewhere about organisation (posters, displays, labels etc.)and am now totally confused. I'd be really grateful for any advice about absolute priorities.
  2. Hello,
    I am just in the process of considering whether to start a PGCE this September or not. In my preparatory work I visited several schools and saw some good classrooms 'owned' by a specific teacher and some classrooms that were used by anybody.
    The best one that I saw. was very tidy, every book stacked neatly, evert draw tidy etc. A kind of standard that the teacher ( a department head) expected. Around the walls in large font he had a number ( 30-40) of key scientific terms he expected pupils to know as well as some common formula- typically 6-10 words per sheet, all on coloured A4 and all laminated. He had few posters of bodies mountains etc or other distractions. He seemed the most in control of all the teachers that I saw teaching and is something I can imagine copying. hope this is sof some interest.
    Good Luck
  3. A very wise teacher taught me to have a space in the classroom, away from your desk, where materials such as paper, highlighters, glue, scissors etc. (whatever pupils need regularly for your subject) are kept. Ensure pupils know where this is, then pupils can be responsible for accessing them without having to bother you. It's ridiculously simple, but I've seen many teachers waste valuable time giving things out or having pupils ask a million times "Where's the ...?"
    As the previous person said the classroom should set the tone for what you want in the classroom. Whilst neat and tidy is an absolute must for me (mild OCD) it should more importantly be engaging and support learning. Displays for learning and which celebrate learning are a must!
  4. longitude

    longitude New commenter

    This is the sort of post which annoys. Have the courage of your convictions. You must have been in enough classrooms to see what works. Do your research and then do what you think is right for you and your classes.

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