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Setting up LTD company for direct supply

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by MissASmith, Sep 22, 2019.

  1. MissASmith

    MissASmith New commenter

    Hi all,

    I've had a good search through backposts and have found some good pointers but would love a bit more up to date info. I'm looking into setting up my own LTD company in order to supply directly to some local schools as I find the cut taken by supply agencies to be unacceptable. I understand they can organise to pay me as zero hours but the hassle involved would probably deter them from using me therefore by setting up a company I'll be removing that element of hassle.

    I'm planning to go directly to a handful (maybe 4) local schools and have a meeting with the the person organising cover and text/call each morning to notify availability which should be every day. I only want 1-2 days a week. Feel confident to be able to sell myself as consistently outstanding for 10 years of teaching and very flexible as my mum can have my kids at very short notice.

    Are any of you doing this? Any lessons learnt you'd like to pass on? Any words of wisdom would be much appreciated as looking at sorting a DBS asap.

    Many thanks!
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  2. pepper5

    pepper5 Star commenter

    You should be able to achieve one or two days pwr week if you can get the schools to agree to use you directly.

    Create simple web site with a calendar where schools can check your availability.

    Ensure you keep accurate records of outgoings and income on a spreadsheet.

    You may need legal advice regarding terms and conditions and I would strongly suggest you invest some money in seeking legal advice regarding this.

    You will also need to create an invoice and decide on payment terms.

    You may also need some type of insurance but again you will need to investigate this.

    It is definitely doable just make sure you get professional advice and do things correctly. Your local council or Small Business Association may be able to recommed low cost advisors that help start ups.
  3. MissASmith

    MissASmith New commenter

    Hi Pepper - excellent points, thank you.
    I am looking for a way to get an enhanced DBS without doing it through an organisation - has anyone posting previously mentioned how they've managed this? I wonder if the LEA would do it or perhaps I should go to the schools first and get it sorted through one of them?
  4. MissASmith

    MissASmith New commenter

    I'm thinking of going to the schools first, and seeing if it's something they're up for (ie. don't use HLTA's/pay in advance for cover) and then discuss how best to proceed. I guess there's the possibility of some schools offering PAYE -you never know! If they'd like to go ahead, I'll ask if I can sort my DBS through them

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