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Setting Up Google Apps Independently

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by holmes5668, Feb 4, 2012.

  1. Thanks for that, I had a look at it and it does some of the things I want. I need to look at it again.
    What am I looking for? A simple web based word processing program (and preferably PowerPoint and spreadsheet applications), where students can log in and type away and where they aren't constantly trying to log i to their email addresses to try and send it to save it. Preferably the program will save automatically (like Google). I want a control panel where I can access the work and read and mark it without printing it and also the ability for students to share their work and look at others work.
    I already have a blog (Kid Blog) and website set up and they are just fine, but I want the students to have the ability to write, save and share on line in a standard format.
  2. Hi, I use a VLE using the Moodle open source software. I had a great provider (free) for two years but they have just shut down for a couple of month so I transferred to a new host (90£ a year). I get my own domain name (.com) and can create as many courses as I want. Access is through login and password so very safe but I did get school permission and parents permission.
    Moodle is amazing and I don t think I could teach without it now ;-) I upload all notes, links and extra readings, powerpoints. I regularly give forum assignments over the weekend or breaks. Students can use forums, take quizzes online, surveys, upload their essays and loads more. Many online courses use this platform for distance learning and teaching in an international school I find it really useful. Recently one of my IGCSE students had to leave school for a month for health reasons. He was able to keep up with all the work and take part in class discussions. Students can also have their own page in a course where they can create a portfolio.
    There are quite a few free providers but I recommend key to school (currently down and may be back up in March)
    Hope this helps.
  3. bigfatgit

    bigfatgit Occasional commenter

    Thought you might like to read this as it seemed relevant
  4. Thanks, I'll take a look at Moodle.
    BFG - point taken. I will make sure principal is fully informed and I have permission.
    It actually makes me wonder how others handle things like Kidblog, which I already use. It is something set up by teachers, not schools. I asked permission to set it up and gave my principal log in details. Would a principal at a British school not give perimssion for something like that?
  5. Thanks for the link BFG.

    I am paranoid about Health & safety and this was a useful reminder. Moodle's security features are great as all parents have a key/code to visit their child's class (as guest only), my head and deputy head also have the key for all classes. However, the link did prompt me to email the Head last night with a reminder of the key and some advice on how to navigate the website. With regard to BFG's link,one of the great features of Moodle is that your course can close at a set date and it's done, no more contact with the students.
    The one thing that worries me about edmodo is the facebook layout and style, not sure it would go down well in most schools.

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