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Setting up classroom at the start of the year.

Discussion in 'NQTs and new teachers' started by mrst1985, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. laconn - yeah that's what I worry about - especially stuff like, what you do with them on the first day - do you have to throw them striaght into the curriculum etc. I'm starting in a reception class, so it will all be new to them too. I'm lucky as I'm spending a week with the current reception teacher (who's leaving) and I shall be in my class from 2nd June. It's really nervewracking when you kind of go in blind - not knowing what you are doing!!!!
  2. Sarah C - What happened to the NQT after she did that?
  3. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    I agree Mrst1985! you would think after 4 years training they would mention what you are supposed to do when you first get your own class. Its a really daunting thought! whilst most my friends are still worrying about getting a job I am left with too much time to worry about September!good job im on placement to take my mind off things. Im trying to make lots of general resources like number cards and phonic resources to use on placement that can also be used next year. Where is your job at?
  4. I live in Lincolnshire and it is a school about 40 miles from where I live. I'm lucky, cos I graduated last summer (Jul 07), I was a bit more flexible with starting times. I start on 2nd June - so I do at least have that super looooooooooooong half term to get to know the school and routines myself, as the class will have been doing it for a while. I will be spending some time with the current class teacher, but I think I may sound a bit stoopid if I ask her what to do on the first day in September!!! Haha.
  5. laconn

    laconn New commenter

    it would be nice to hear how it goes! I am yet to arrange some time in the school but it will only be for a few days.
  6. we usually spend a good 3 days 'getting to know' the chn.

    things like...

    what did you do in the holidays? draw and write or ask them to bring in photographs

    games on the IWB

    an 'all bout me' booklet (do various pages on different days) eg-this is where i live, my best friend etc

    class rules, discuss, chn think of them, chn draw them in pairs...makes a great display

    take photo of each child, they then copy this and draw themselves...another display (Meet class 4)

    circle time

    hope these help xx
  7. Several people have mentioned the inservice/PD days at the start of term as a good time to set up. Every school I've worked in has used these for meetings and given maybe half a day or day 'in your classroom'. Even when we are meant to have free time I often find specialists or Learning Support teacher want to chat about a certain child.

    As someone else said you really need about three days and personally I have to have the desks set up, display boards backed, children's trays labelled, shared resources (children and me) labelled and a plan for that first week. After that I would label jotters, collect textbooks, arrange art supplies and check through cupboards to find out what is there. There are a million other things to do but that's a start.
  8. Being someone who relocated last summer for my job (I also teach year 3!), I would also give yourself time to get used to the area.

    I spent (as everyone else has said) about 3 full days in school, then went in on the first day and had forgotted to label my pegs in the cloakroom.

    My first day at school I thought I would set out early incase of traffic, I ended up being first at school by nearly 1/2 an hour!!!!

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