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Setting up brand new year 1 room from scratch- help please!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by sara2323, Jun 10, 2011.

  1. sara2323

    sara2323 New commenter

    For now I would try to back all the displays- personally I hate backing displays and it takes me ages to do one!! If you have an idea what you might up on each display this will help choose the correct backing paper.
    I would also use the time to get resources ready- numbers to 10, clock faces showing o' clock, half past, maths vocabulary, alphabet and phonics sounds. Check what you already have in school as they might already have many of the resources tucked away somewhere.

  2. thepinkrachael

    thepinkrachael New commenter

    Do you mean you need to order resources or ones to make? similarly order furniture or figure out where you'e putting stuff? Definitely agree about getting boards backed!
  3. Well done on getting the job. I teach in Y1/2 at the minute and am moving to straight y1 in sept. This is what I have done in prep for sept: I would get all walls backed (I cant do this as someone already in there) , resource box and tray labels, name labels on all books, make class lists. If your having a self registration system i would get that made. number lines, alphabet line, phonemes display for phonics. I am having areas in my classroom (similar to EYFS) so have made signs for these too. Decide on your role play area and make signs and labels for this - but let the chn make them too. I have made signs for reading area - google it you should find loads, birthday timeline, in our school we have a target display so I have made that too. ********** and ****** and Primary classroom resources have loads of things you can print off.

    The class could be set up into areas like in EYFS .

    If you are completely setting up the class and ordering/buying furniture and resources you are soooo lucky! I would love to do this. Small tables appropriate size for the chn, sand/water tray, role play resources,
    whiteboards (magnetic ones), whiteboard pens, lots of different writing implements, post it notes, writing pads - suitable for boys and girls. Phoneme frames, puppets,
    Number lines, 2d and 3d shapes, number fans, counters, beads, unifix cubes,
    Cant think of anything else off the top of my head if I think of anything else I'll let you know. Good Luck!
  4. When I wrote this I put it into neat little paragraphs!
  5. Ah, TESsers, I heart thee! Even on a miserable Friday afternoon you provide me with such help! Thankyou
    jellybellysmum- Everytime I write something, the TES monster still comes and gobbles it all up (even if I use firefox)

    thepinkrachael - both order and make resources! (order what cant be made or they don't have)
    This job is basically is currently a early years provision expanding to become a school starting with a year 1 class of about 10 children (I love the small numbers!) , so the room itself is not massive. I am going to have my reading area and try to have a few areas like an EYFS provision.
    Basically, if you think small room bare with table and chairs currently, I need to get most of it sorted - ordered/ask for it. And because of this, I think furniture wise just table/chairs/book shelf/drawers for resources - is needed, as it is small don't want to cram too much in. Want a lovely large rug for our class though! (I have seen some beautiful ones!)
    In regards to displays, there are no wooden borders, just bare walls. How do I turn this into a display area exactly, do I need to put up the wooden borders myself and then back the wall?
    I think getting myself a laminator for the summer is very important to get me sorted with displays/resources.
    I have only taught year 1 in my very first year of my degree so my brain needs alot of help to get this bare room into a wonderful learning environment!
    I am so excited! Thankyou everyone for your kind and helpful words everyone.
  6. 10 children - OMG! I wish - I will have 26. The smallest class I have ever had is 24 but that always seems to creep up to about 28 by the end of term. I tend to have a literacy, numeracy and art display. It there is space I would have a rotating display wall - change according to the topic. As for displays if you are not getting display boards you could just back a large rectangle and put one of the corrugated borders around it - I did this on a blank wall to create more display space.

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