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Setting up as a self emplyed supply teacher

Discussion in 'Supply teaching' started by cliveceltic, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Probably not. Schools may book you directly if you are vetted through the LEA (or even on an LEA supply list) but would pay you via the LEA and PAYE. I know a few people who work directly with a school and this seems to be how its done. I am actually being paid self employed via an agency (what a flaming cheek).

    I guess you could approach a couple of schools and ask. Maybe someone has a different view.
  2. Anonymous

    Anonymous New commenter

    Well I've said my view on being self employed as a teacher on this forum before. I personally don't see how you can be a self employed teacher - yes you can take or leave work as you want but once you get to a school, you are directed and under the charge of a headteacher. That's not the criteria for self employment.
  3. As a business doing anything, you are under the orders of your customers, who tell you what to do. The only time it gets exciting is when you are effectively working for one customer.....then IR35 legislation makes them responsible for your lefthanded lesbian tree hugging human rights and they sack you and get someone else in.

    If you can pull it off, then being self-employed is great. I used to be something on the scene in E Cornwall and S Devon and I talked with many and I mean MANY cover "supervisors" (as that's what they were called) about this and was met with the usual "It's not my chequebook, I don't give a ****....If I phone the worst agency in the world and they deliver, than that's my box ticked" attitude.

    If you are in an area which will take you as self employed, then thank your lucky stars, as it has the probability and is about as realistic as winning the lottery...... then when that does happen, come back on here and we'll explain how you structure yourself to pay no tax.
  4. ...furthermore, I went to the head of "an" LEA (who was quite frank) to discuss how the LEA might save several hundred K (this was before CS really ******** things up) and ran a "it would be possible to structure things this way, thus saving £400k" and he essentially said "well, we are such a shambles, schools moaned and so they sort things out themselves and seem ok, so they are probably fine". Agencies do provide a service, even though it most certainly isn't value for money..... you take someone like Select and they are really pumping some spangly offices and big dividends etc, etc. If you cut that **** out, the job could be done by someone who gets rewarded, rather than tapewormed.....

    Sadly this is the public sector, the person you are talking to has a fat pension, has a nice wage and just wants the minimum amount of hassle to get to go home at 3pm. They really really don't give 2 ***** about professional ********, supply teachers moaning or "fairness". They have their lot and all you are is a moaner who for some reason, wants to alter the status quo".

    You have a choice, you can either bang your head against the wall, find something else to do, or wait to see how they react when they find their comfy lot threatened by a creeping cancer...... I do believe "their" unions will save them.... or at least make a massive criplling fuss though.....
  5. Self employment is an option, though I've not heard of self employed supply teachers for a while. The problem, it seems to me, is that you can't apply for a CRB yourself, so you need to start with one already from another employer. That situation stretches the CRB situation. Portability expects new employers to check will with the original issuer, and if three months have passed, many or most won't accept portability. Maybe schools willl relax their approach to CRBs, but I doubt it.

    I think supply work, even when employed by others, is truely like self employed work in the expenses accrued, particularly when working directly with schools, but not in the eyes of HMG. At least you get NI paid,

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