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Setting up a recorder club - help needed!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by shakira125, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. Hello,
    I have been asked to run a recorder club for Year 2 children next term, however my music knowledge is limited! Would anyone be able to give me some tips on where to start?! Thanks!
  2. flickaz

    flickaz New commenter

    Buy some earplugs!
  3. tiffster

    tiffster New commenter

    Keep it short and sweet - they don't concentrate for long! And play lots of games to make sure they learn left from right and have their left hand at the top. Teach B first, then A then G. If you've got those sorted by Christmas then a) that's very impressive and b) they'll be able to play an approximation of Jingle Bells for your end of term concert! Recorder From The Beginning is probably still the book I'd recommend to get them started. Good luck!
  4. Very important. I teach an improvers recorder group and often have to retrain them to put the right hand at the bottom. Some children want to keep their dominant hand at the top as that is where they first learn notes to play. However, they can't play bottom C# if they have their hands the wrong way around.

  5. lillipad

    lillipad New commenter

    All together now... "Hooot croooossss bunnnss"
  6. As previous posters have suggested, one of the most valuable lessons you will have to teach them is not to overblow, otherwise they get the 'shrieky' sound that we all know and hate. The progression of notes as suggested by a previous poster is exactly right but don't forget to teach them how to hold the recorder correctly before they even put one in their mouths - have seen so many children holding it with their hands the wrong way round!
    As another possible teaching book, I'd suggest the Red Hot Recorder Tutor. It introduces each note with plenty of technical exercises and comes with a CD with band accompaniments so that instead of having to play the piano for them, you can conduct/point to the notes/count out loud etc. It's also fun for them to hear their music mixing with the band too. There's duets later in the book too and the pieces are well-written and arranged (no, I didn't write it, but I wish i had!)
    Good luck and, above all, have fun.
  7. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Can you palm this off on someone who has more musical knowledge and enthusiasm for the club? Then volunteer to do something else?

    I've run recorder clubs in the past, but then I had knowledge and enthusiasm to do so and volunteered. No way should you have to do a club you aren't sure about.

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