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Setting up a new course

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by petereggington, Sep 25, 2015.

  1. petereggington

    petereggington New commenter

    I have been tasked with setting up a course at school and wondered how long the process takes? I have at the minute no additional time to do this. It will be a KS4 Engineering qualification but not sure whether GCSE or BTEC at this time. If anyone has undertaken similar please let me know. Any help appreciated!
  2. misshelb

    misshelb New commenter

    Hi there
    A colleague and I were asked (or put on the spot) by the Head if we would be responsible for introducing a new qualification to both of us personally, and the school. Our 6th form is part of a consortium, and the school that usually runs the course was over subscibed. As some of our students were likely to be the ones who would miss out, we agreed. This was in the October, however, after the start of term and we were expected to begin delivering the BTEC Level 3 Applied Science course immediately. We were told we would be given time to plan, design resources and produce the mountain of paper work that comes with a BTEC qualification. While in terms of CPD and the of course the benefit for the students, it was a mammoth task, especially with no addtional time as promised, and to make matters worse we were then told a year later the original school would be taking ownership again. Also, if you are paid in a HOD role, part of that role involves being accountable for the student achievement etc. This burden obviously fell on our shoulders beibg the course co-ordinators, but I felt this was just added pressure, with no previous training/inset or experience on carrying out such a mammoth role. My advice-get comfirmation of any extra time you will be given and a clear description of your role regarding pupil performance etc prior to agreeing.
  3. petereggington

    petereggington New commenter

    Thanks for that. I have at the moment not had any indication of an amount of time I will be given, but they have decided it could be a good objective for this years PM! I will not put it down as an objective unless I am given the appropriate amount of time as I know how paper based the BTEC's are, nevermind how many countless hours I will have to spend preparing resources/creating engineering projects. I am neither HoD, just on mainscale pay.

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