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Setting up a maths APP file - what should go in??

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by FGTO, Oct 29, 2011.

  1. Hi,

    It isn't a silly question, and if consistency across the school is required, some guidelines would be helpful to all. It can be an oversight for SLT who are steeped in the language to assume that everyone else is in the loop. Not intentionally, just happens in the frantic school environment.

    Do you have any exemplar work from the 6? Have you got APP assessments for them already?
    What are their next steps in terms of learning - and therefore what will be your next steps in terms of planning?

    What does the assessment data tell you so far?
    Are there any gaps in learning showing up?
    Any differences in what the data on the 6 children are showing? I'm making the assumption that they're top/middle/bottom, but could be wrong.

    You could also evaluate how you carried out the assessments. Is there anything you'd do differently?
    What worked well?

    How might you approach the task of assessing more pupils?

    It would also be useful to have copies of the standards files in here to compare with the work from your children.

    I'm not saying this is definitely what your Head wants - but it's a start and better than nothing I hope.
  2. Glad to help. Hope it goes OK.

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