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Setting up a creative curriculum - how?!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Dan25, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. HI all, I realise that the New Primary Curriculum was only last week scrapped (albeit temporarily, possibly) but the Head and I really felt this was a positive step forward; freedom and flexibility is what has been missing from teaching for the last 10 or so years. However, we're struggling with where to start; it seems like mission impossible! In addition, to make the task even more difficult, we have mixed aged classes in KS2 so would need a two-year cycle!
    So for those of you who have already made a move towards a more creative curriculum, how did you get started?!! Any help and advice much appreciated.

  2. I had an LA consultant in to work with me on re-developing the curriculum. We started by looking at the literacy units we want to teach and then linking current QCA topics to them so not to throw the baby out with the bathwater!
    We work on a 2yr rolling plan as have mixed age classes and it has worked really well this year.
    Next year we are looking at going down a more skills based route as all the QCA topics that link were chosen mostly for this year.
    If you let me know your email address I could let you have a copy of this years long term plan-if it helps.
  3. Hi Claire, many thanks for the information; this sounds exactly what we're looking for. My email address is dansteele@aol.com.
    Really appreciate your reply,
    Many thanks
  4. Hi Claire,

    Would it be possible to send me the plans too? I am preparing for my GTP and want to collate and understand a variety of planning methods and techniques.


  5. Hi,
    I currently teach using a creative curriculum, but am finding it very hard to fit-in the the Literacy units (find a lots of information texts being used). Would it be possible to email me your yearly plan, if you have time, too?

    Thankyou so much lafnak@hotmail.com

    Lindsay x
  6. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    Sorry (and I know people are going to be upset by this) but aren't you just swapping one "one size fits all" curriculum for another and creativity isn't anywhere in sight?

  7. [​IMG]
    I am not advocating that this is the right way to teach a cross curricular/creative curriculum. I am just sharing ideas, surely that is what these forums were set up to do.
    If people don't want to use the plans then that is fine-they are just ideas![​IMG]
  8. Msz

    Msz Established commenter

    personally feel it is swapping one model (QCA) for another - whether your's or the many versions available to purchase. People are expressing disappointment in the demise of the new curriculum and the "freedom" it offered yet ....
  9. Could I see your plans please? Trying to implement a creative curriculum
  10. fairport

    fairport New commenter

    Hi Claire

    Any chance of a copy of your plans as well. You seem to be a little ahead of my school and it would be good to compare.
    Many thanks


  11. Hi Claire

    Could I also get a copy please?

  12. patches

    patches New commenter

    Since when has the new curriculum been scrapped?
  13. imc


    The new curriculum element of the Education Bill was dropped (amongst other things) in order to push the bill through parliament quickly before it was dissolved for the elections.

    When we broke into a more creative curriculum we took several steps - first we looked at was has to be taught i.e. national curriculum, locally agreed RE syllabus, what as a school we felt we should add to these e.g. global elements, sense of community and locality etc. We had an inset with Chris Quigley - highly recommended ( http://www.chrisquigley.co.uk/ ) who certainly knows his stuff and is highly entertaining - I know of some schools who have worked with him over a week in order to make quicker progress but that would depend on budget.
    We looked at the national curriculum in two parts - skills and knowledge - skills were things we said should be covered in each year (generally), knowledge pased objectives were shared out amongs year groups (unless we felt they needed breaking down across year groups or re-visiting) and then each year group knows what they need to cover and can be creative about making links between these to make topics - we also recognised that some areas just won't fit - a tenuous link is often just not worth it - so identified which areas will need teaching separately. By leaving things open and then monitoring coverage we have seen more creativity and enjoyment but crucially we no longer feel tied to schemes. Some staff were more comfortable with previous schemes and have continued to carry some of these into this phase but our way of doing things allows for that - we don't want to 'throw the baby out with the bath water' so to speak.
  14. The new curriculum element of the Education Bill was dropped (amongst other things) in order to push the bill through parliament quickly before it was dissolved for the elections.

    imc - is there any more information on this anywhere? Have had a quick Google session but can't really find anything but not really sure what to be searching for!
    Sootz :eek:) x
  15. imc



    In all honesty there's a lot of rubbish that has been dropped and the new curriculum could make a comeback depending on the election - as far as I know other parties didn't block just the new curriculum. It's just that anything that might require debate in the house seems to have gone
  16. Cheers imc.
    Bloomin' politicians...bored of all election build up already and it's only just been called. Whatever happens, it'll prob change fairly soon anyway!
    So young yet so cynical...!!
  17. Would love tosee your new curriculum plans if you still don't mind sharing?

    Thanks in advance - sararie255@hotmail.com
  18. Hi all
    Not back at school until Monday, but will email any of you who haven't got them yet at the start of next week.
    Glad to be able to share. We might as well help each other instead of reinventing the wheel!
  19. Could I ask for a copy of the plans as well please?!?! Interested to see how other people are going about things...



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