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Setting Targets for Children, and informing Parents

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by geoj, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Please could I also have a copy. Have just started a new school and helping raise standards of special needs children. Your experience and info would be helpful.

  2. I would also like to be cheeeky and ask whether you would be willing to share these documents. I would find them really helpful as I have just started special needs in a new school.
    Sharon sharon.ormrod@btinternet.com
  3. I've also been looking at target setting for my school. All of the recent OfSted training seems to say that they expect chilren to know their targets and talk about the next steps for them in their learning. We are covering much of this with our Assesment for Learning strategy but we feel we should make sure we have specific targets as opposed to Learning objectives or success criteria, that they work on regularly. I must say I have been very sceptical because we tried curricular targets and they didn't work at all and as a school we have decided (on my insistence) not to take on APP. However, I have looked at target setting and have devised a strategy that is actually useful rather than 'playing the ofsted game' but also isn't too labour intensive for little reward. Here is what I have devised. Can't tell you how well it works yet because we have only just started:
    For Maths -
    Using the worded targets found on target tracker, I have selected the key objectives and then sorted them into those on addition and subtraction, those on multiplication and division and those on using and applying. I have then filtered out those that do not make such useful targets or those that are not easily measurable. This list of targets is all based on key skills and not linked to specific year groups (although they are levelled targets) and not designed to fit in with medium term planning. Theyare the key skills every child needs. We are left with a progressive list of the key skills for each area.
    Each teacher can then tweek the list to make the wording appropriate for their children. These targets are printed onto an attractive format with columns next to them for target set, pupil evalaution, teacher evaluation and achieved.
    This is then put into each childs individual target wallet. ( I have decided that we will work on one of these areas each term so we have just given the children the add and subtract sheet for now.) The teacher then marks the target (with the child) that each child needs to start on on their card. Children can then see the target they are on and what will be coming up next for them. We have then put lots of strategies in place so that children can work on their target regulary and review their own targets. e.g. target time, target boxes, target homework, handing target card in with classwork that links to their target etc).

    In the other side of their wallet the children have a table for their writing target. These targets are decided on by the teacher (with the child) after levelling their work using the critereon scale and are also key skills. Children are given two targets so that they can work on one and also see what is coming up next for them.

    Sheets can be easily added into their folder as then need more. The folders will go up with the children through the school. We don't have to keep making folders, their skills are then progressive and the teacher, children and paretns can see what they have already done and what they are working on next.

    I hope these ideas are helpful to a few of you. Let me know if you want more details.

  4. Hi there,
    I am a Principal teacher in a primary school in Scotland. I have some responsibility for a range of stages throughout the school and I would love to see a copy of your templates for target setting too. Thanks for sharing your good practice and if there is anything that I can share with you please let me know.
    [​IMG]My email address is....
  5. catemoo, these sound fab! Really struggling with setting relevant targets at the moment for my class, and with OFSTED looming need to think fast :-S

    If you could email a model of what you've done I would be extremely greatful!


  6. Sounds like you've really put a lot of thought into your new sytem, catemoo. Hope it beds down well and gets the children really fired up about their next steps for success. If you have any resources made that you'd be willing to share, I'd be really interested in having a look at them.
    Many thanks,
  7. Dear Catherine
    This sound really great. We are trying to review ideas for purposeful target setting and assessing childrens work. If you have anything useful please can you send it, I would be very grateful for any help as finding it all very mind blowing. Hope you can help. Thanks.
    e.mail .... a.holmes@albertrd.sch.im
  8. I am chair of governors of my sons primary school and, in partnership with the head teacher, we created a spreadsheet to track assessment progress from Foundation to year 6. It also proposes targets based on the expected number of sublevels improvement in a year. These proposed predictions are reviewed with each class teacher every term and progress and predictions are shared with parents in a graphical form through the year.
    The spreadsheet proved so popular that all schools in our local authority are now using it. Schools that have been inspected by OFSTED have found it very useful and OFSTED have praised it. SIPs also praise it and are now spreading the work outside our local authority.
    You enter grades on a termly basis and it calculates the improvement both in terms of APS and sub-levels. It also contains a number of graphs to illustrate progress made.
    You can find details of the product at www.schoolintel.co.uk<font face="Times New Roman" size="3">, if you register, you can download a demo.</font>
    Schools have also described it as a RAISEOnline that is available throughout the year and is always up to date.
  9. Hi Clarinetguy
    Could I please have a copy of the target setting? I have y4/5/6 so getting them to be more independent would be very useful.
  10. Hi sorry to ask but I teach a P.6 class and have to set up a system to report on targets, this sounds great would it be possible to get a copy as well please. Many thanks in advance
  11. Sorry forgot to include my email
  12. Have left my files at school (not on lap top) but i will e-mail you all with it as soon as i can in the week x

  13. Hi,
    Can I please jump on the bandwagon and get a copy.
    Thanks in advance
  14. Hello Clarinetguy,
    It would be great if you can email me a copyof target card template for all the subjects.
    Many thanks
    My email is sabiha.khanum@gmail.com
  15. hello,
    i've just read your short article and it sounds really interesting and inspiring,
    could you send me some details please?

  16. Hi
    I'm a year 3 teacher and am struggling at the moment - i would be grateful if you could send me copy of your target cards.
  17. Hi there I've just connected to this site and read your letter posted last year, I teach years 3 and 4 and would love a copy of your templates for target setting and tracking. I too have found that the targets set are vague and untrackable
    Can you please help me.
    Thank you
  18. Hi there I've just connected to this site and read your letter posted last year, I teach years 3 and 4 and would love a copy of your templates for target setting and tracking. I too have found that the targets set are vague and untrackable
    Can you please help me.
    Thank you

    email address is whangabread@yahoo.co.nz

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