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Setting Targets for Children, and informing Parents

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by geoj, Jan 22, 2009.

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    Could I get a copy too?
    trying to organise targets for my year 2 class and through out the infants school.
    Thanks Tracy
  2. hello deleted 511
    i saw that you generously supplied various readers with a copy of your target sheet
    if you think they would be appropriate for second graders - i teach in an international school in rome- i would greatly appreciate a copy
    thank you
  3. Hello there. I teach teenagers with moderate and severe L difficulties and need to target for each student for their ILPlans. I would be grateful for copies of your documents which the students could use. Academically they have reading ages of 2-13 years of age. many thanks for sharing your work, I've read all the comments - very commendable!!! Tahnkls, Anwen Harman
  4. Sorry, in haste I forgot my email address. a.harman@meirion-dwyfor.ac.uk Thanks, A
  5. What lovely comments, thank you. It's great to hear that experienced colleagues such as yourself can appreciate the opinions of someone just starting out such as myself.
    In response to the further requests for a copy of the template, you can download it here:
    To reply to the poster who asked whether it was working, I guess it depends on what you mean by 'working'. I believe the children in the class have a greater awareness of what they are learning, their next steps and whether they have achieved what need to be achieving. This, coupled with the opportunities for them to review (and take pride in) the work they have produced, can only be of benefit in my humble opinion.
    Happy new year to you all.
  6. Hi clarinetguy

    Just came across your post re target setting. I have mixed year 3/4 and 5 groups and would be greatful to see a copy of the targetcard template if you don't mind. I am an NQT and any help would be appreciated!

    Thanks - my email klou1985@yahoo.co.uk
  7. Hi clarinetguy,
    We've been trialling various target setting ideas, but I don't think the children are feeling sufficiently involved.
    I'd be really grateful for a copy of your template, because considering the feedback you've got, it beats anything we've got by miles.
    Thanks so much. My email is the_whistons@hotmail.com
  8. Hello Clarinetguy,
    I have just read your comment on this thread, and I wonder if it was not too much trouble, could I also get a copy of your target cards?
    Many thanks in advance- email is; 20001124@marjon.ac.uk
    Thank you!

  9. This sounds very interesting. I am trying to set up individual targets, could I have a copy of your sheet too. Thanks
  10. I was wondering if you could send me a copy of your targets. Much appreciated .Helen
  11. Hi clarinetguy,
    Your target setting and tracking system method looks great. I would really appreciate a copy of the target card template.
  12. Hi Claire
    Am looking for ways of establishing target setting where the children are more involved. Would really love a copy if you don't mind sharing.
    email head.3004@wroxton.oxon.sch.uk
    Thx in advance
  13. Hi is it possible to have a copy of your target sheets. I like the idea of them being parent friendly.

    Thx in advance
  14. Hi Clarinetguy,

    I have a year 4 class also and am lookin to set up a more effective target setting system and yours sounds perfect. Could you send me on a copy please. Much appreciated.
    Email - CeriRhysJones@aol.com
  15. Hello
    I am very interested in your article on target setting and would be very interested in looking at it if possible.
    I would appreciate it if you could share it with me.
    Many thanks
  16. Could I please request a copy, will be very helpful for my PGCE interview. Will provide me with insight into setting effective targets

    Many Thanks, Mindy.

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