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Setting Targets for Children, and informing Parents

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by geoj, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Have just been reading your target and tracking system.......sounds good, wonder how it is going? Ifg possible would love to have a copy of the target car template!

    Many thanks, and Happy New Year!
  2. Just read about your target setting sounds fab could I also have a copy of it. Im also in year 4.
  3. Hi everyone,
    Wow, new year and renewed interest in this thread. I'm glad people are interested in the idea and hope the resource can be used/adapted/improved by many of you. You can download the card here:

    Happy New Year, everyone!
  4. Hello Clarinet Guy,
    I've just read this thread and it sounds to be exactly what I am looking for - another NQT trying to work things out in my second term! I am in year 3 and would be really grateful if you could send me your maths and literacy target setting documents. Many thanks.
  5. Please see the post above yours to download a copy for yourself!
  6. Hi
    The target card templates sound good-- could I have a look and then I could see how they might work for my class!
    Many thanks.
  7. I am looking at different ways of target setting with my year 5 and 6 class and came across your post from last year. I'd really appreciate it if you could let me also have a copy of your ever popular template as it sounds really workable.
    My e-mail is<u> </u>muss-@hotmail.co.uk
  8. Hi Claire,

    Could I have a copy too?

    Thanks and Happy New Year!

  9. a.harbottle@mosspits-jun.liverpool.sch.uk
  10. I'd also like to join the queue for the target template, it sounds like a wonderful idea. Especially for subjects that are difficult to track clear and immediate progress, like language subjects, as it sounds like it involoves quite a lot of discussion.


    Thank you.
  11. 77


    At last someone who has a realistic view of end of KS assessment.
    After doing a lot of work on APP for reading and writing with our staff - which presumably MAY lead to teacher assessment in that style instead of tests - they all said, "Can we still give them a test?"
    After more than 30years in the job, I still have the same instinct I had when I started- teach, test, review, act. There is nothing wrong with that, except, as you say, using the test results in the way they are - the big stick.
    I have taught Y6 for 10 years and, if the tests are administered realistically, they are actually quite motivating and positive for the children and do them no harm at all. The harm is done by unrealistic pressure from schools and parents. Children have always been given tests from 5 - 21 and it is the way it is done, not the testing, which CAN BE harmful.
  12. 77


    Sorry! I should have said that my reply is in response to a comment from clarinetguy posted in October! This is the first time I've been moved to post anything!
  13. Hi,

    I am also a Year 4 teacher (NQT) and love the idea of your target setting.

    Please can you send me a copy of your template to rachelm_cs@hotmail.com.

    Many Thanks,
  14. Yes same here, I havn't posted anything before. Mine was also in response to the same person.

  15. Could you send me a copy of the tracking setting everyone's been asking you for. Sorry to be a pain . Thanks .
  16. Hi Clarinetguy this sounds great please please could I have your basic template.! thanks
  17. Hi Clarinet guy.

    i have looked at your target setting ideas and they sound great. Please could you also send me a copy of the target setting sheet? It seems very popular too!

    My email is - bomblymel@gmail.com

    Many thanks

  18. I have just read your notes on target setting and it sounds a really useful system. As you have been trying it for a year - does it work?
    I would like a copy too please.
    my email is Judith@marles.co.uk

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