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Setting Targets for Children, and informing Parents

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by geoj, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. This is an interesting post. I'm not sure you quite understand the purpose or the process of the target cards. They're not evidence of progress for the parents' benefit, rather a way for teachers and children to discuss their progress and review their learning.
    Talking is an essential part of this process. The children get together and discuss their work with each other and their teachers. This helps them to become aware of what they are learning and why, along with what the next steps should be.
    I don't understand. How would you propose to assess the children's developing learning?
    Again, from a teaching point of view, there needs to be some sort of tracking of the skills development, of what has been learned and what is next to come. This underpins the entire teaching process.
    We do this too.
    This incident seems to have had a profound effect on your attitude towards teachers. Don't judge us all by the events of one meeting. Incidentally, was this primary or secondary? Just curious.
  2. I am yet another teacher requesting your target settings resource if they are still available thanks in anticipation
  3. Hi..

    This seems to be awesome..could you pls forward your target card template to me as well?
    Frwd to parveenaus07@gmail.com

    Happy New year.

  4. I hope the scheme you have set up continues to be useful for both yourself and the children. I'd really appreciate the opportunity to look at a copy of a target card template
    Happy New Year
  5. Please follow the link above to download the resource.
  6. Hi

    Just starting in year 1 in Jan. Would be grateful for info about target setting.

    Could you please forward any advice to retrievertoby@aol.com
  7. Could I have a look at a copy? It sounds great! My email is: sheila@sheileen.co.uk. I have a year 2 class, which is a large class. How long does the target time take? (Bearing in mind there is only one of me)
  8. Hi there,
    If you follow the link above, you can have a look at the card. I think it will need some simplifying for Year 2 but you're welcome to adapt, extend or ignore as appropriate.
    Our target time lasts 20 minutes each week and this gives the helpers enough time to get their books out (to locate evidence), the pairs to get together and go through the week's targets (usually only a couple in maths), showing the evidence that they have met them to their target partner and sticking the stickers on their cards. Some of them like to get whiteboards out to show they've mastered a particular skill too. Near the end of the time, they have a 2 minute warning then the session is ended on time.
  9. Hi Clarinetguy. I realise that it is now 12 months since you wrote your post, I have only just seen it. I am a teacher of special needs children in Australia. I would love to have a copy of your templates to use with my kids to teach them to self evaluate and to value their ability and achievements.
    Thank You
  10. it is interesting to read about your target setting format. i will appreciate if you can send me the format. thanks
  11. Hi,
    Would it be possible to have copies of your targets templates - sounds just what I need for my year 4 class?

    email: caddis@st-mary-bh.dudley.gov.uk
  12. Hi Clarinet Guy
    We have (unsuccessfully) trialed a target setting system in our school which failed miserably. Your system sounds just the job and I'd be really greatful if you could send me a copy of the target card template.
    My address is cmathorne@hotmail.com
    Many thanks and Happy New Year!!

  13. Happy New Year. Could I please have a look at your target template, too? I teach P1-7 and my upper kids are easy but the wee ones....well...
  14. Hello,
    I hope it is not too much trouble but could I have a copy of your target records?
    Robber Red
  15. Hello from Switzerland!
    Is is possible to also have a copy of your target-setting masterpieces? Very appreciated. Happy New Year! Trying to improve target setting for a Year 1 class in an international school. Many thanks!

  16. Re: target setting
    Just been reading your system for target setting & sounds good. Would be very interested to know how it is going. I am looking for a system which is manageable & one which can be used across the curriculum as we are still battling with this! Would it be possible for you to send me a copy of your target card template? Thank you.
  17. Can you please send me a copy of your target settings mentioned in the chats. I know it was long time back but I would like to see it. Thanks.
    My address is: Kareena@bathija.co.uk

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