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Setting Targets for Children, and informing Parents

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by geoj, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. You have mail (I hope!)
  2. You have mail!
  3. Hi, this sounds like an excellent idea. Please could ask for a copy too. Thanks.

  4. Hi there Clarinet Guy,
    We're bringing in a whole new system
    of assessment etc (NZ) and I would love to have a look at your
    templates if you wouldn't mind sharing them with someone in the
    'colonies'. (I'll need to read them upside down).
    Many thanks
  5. Argghh! forgot email - juliecnugent@gmail.com
    Cheers from NZ
  6. Hi ,
    Wud really appreciate it if i cud have a look at the target card template.

    Thank you ,

  7. Could I have a copy too please ?
    target setting is a stress for me in Year 1
  8. You all have mail. Loretta, you can either leave your e-mail address on this thread or PM me and I can forward it on.
  9. You have mail!
  10. great idea on target setting. I'd be really grateful if you could send me a copy.
    Many thanks
  11. Hello,
    Could I be very cheeky and ask for a copy too please?
    I've said this before and do mean it - the kindness of some TESsers is very much appreciated and lovely.

  12. Sararie, you have mail. Jacknicholson, you can leave your e-mail on this thread or PM it to me and I'll send them on to you.
  13. Many many thanks xx
  14. you have mail too!

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