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Setting Targets for Children, and informing Parents

Discussion in 'Assessment' started by geoj, Jan 22, 2009.

  1. Hello,

    I am just wondering how everyone manages target setting and informing parents of their child's targets?

    We are currently reviewing the way we target-set in my school. I am in an infant school.

    At the moment we have an autumn and spring term parent consultation where we produce an A4 page of details on each child "how they have settled in" "attitude to learning"...At the bottom we place the child's targets -these are usually 4/5 targets relating to reading, writing, numeracy and behaviour. The parents read these just before the consultation.

    However, we are finding that children have mastered their target in around 2 weeks after the parent consultation. How else could we inform parents regulrly of their child's targets in a manageable way?

    Any ideas would be welcome!


  2. We set targets on two levels. 1- we set NC sub level targets for the end of the year, these are shared with parents, in a document which clearly shows where the average pupil in that year group would be by the end of the year. This is suppported wtih a paragraph on 'how to help your child' which is more general, like read every night, use number in the environment.

    Pupils get target sheets in the front of their books which tell them in child friendly language how to get to their short term target. We get these from a Clive Davies file, apart from writing which uses targets from the Ros Wilson criterion scale.

    Does this help?
  3. That info is really helpful -thanks.

    Would you be willing to share any of these documents (sorry to be cheeky)


    Thanks once again

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  5. I've just set up a new target-setting and tracking system in my class (Year 4) which is bedding down nicely so far. We started with a chat about what makes a good target because having seen their own targets, devised with their parents following the Christmas reports, most of them weren't very good. They were really vague and un-trackable e.g. "To be better at writing". What does that mean? How can you prove you've achieved it. From this initial discussion, we set up the new system:

    The children are paired or in groups of 3 and each group has a folder in which they have 'target cards' in 4 sections: Maths, Literacy, Other Subjects and Personal/Social. At the start of every week, in the first sessions of Maths and Literacy, the children write in the two or three weekly targets (taken from my weekly objectives). Near the end of the week, we have 'target time' when the children get into their pairs and check which of the targets they have met during the course of the week. They show their target partner evidence that they have met the target and if their target partner agrees they've met it, they date the evidence and stick a sticker on the target card. Myself and TA drop in on each pair during target time (we've only got 5 groups so it's easy for us to get around each group to help them out if they need it) to make sure they know how they can prove the targets have been met.

    So far, we've been doing it for 3 weeks and they still need some support in the sharing and sticking parts (I expect them to be pretty much independent by half term) but I've already noticed them being more aware of what they are looking to achieve and how they know when they've achieved it. There's been some interesting talk during target time too, as children discuss whether they can prove they've met the targets. They're more active in the process and have started to add their own medium-term and long-term targets to the cards. They're even helping each other devise targets, discussing their own strengths and weaknesses and suggesting ways for their partner to develop.

    If you want to have a look at a copy of the target card template, I'd be very happy to share.
  6. Hi Clarinetguy

    Your target setting and reviewing by the children sounds like a great idea - I can really see how that would help them become more independent learners. Would you mind sending me a copy of the target template?


    Many thanks!

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  8. Thanks Clarinetguy

    We've got a day off today cos of the snow, so an ideal time to sort targets out!

    Great target sheets - kids will love them :)

  9. Hi Clarinetguy,

    I would be grateful for a copy of your target sheet too please. I am a NQT in Y4 and really struggling with this aspect. My email is julie.stock@btinternet.com.

    Many thanks.
  10. M_B


    I would find a copy of your target sheet very useful if you don't mind. I have year 1 and find making targets meaningful quite difficult. Thanks. marybarker07@yahoo.co.uk
  11. We set NC targets at start of year to be attained by the summer. We have must, should and could literacy and maths targets for each yeargroup though parents aren't informed of either. We give informal targets at parents evening.

    On a course yesterday they were talking about children knowing their curricular targets and and using mark ladders to aid short term targets.
  12. Posts 10 and 11 - you both have mail. Dolceandgabbane, thank you for your kind words.

    Many good points made by the previous poster. Have incorporated marking ladders into my Literacy units with some success this year. The children work together with me to devise the success steps (marking ladder) for the assessed writing piece at the end of the unit. They then self and peer-assess before the work is teacher-assessed. For some units, when the class are self and peer-assessing, they highlight evidence that they find to meet the success steps. As before, adaptable templates available for sharing if anyone would like to have a look.
  13. Hi Clarinetguy, could I see a copy of your target shetting sheets too? I'm in Year 4 and am trying to get the children to take more responsibility for their learning and would like like them to be more aware of their next steps.



  14. mondayblues

    mondayblues New commenter

    Thank You[​IMG]
  15. Clarinetguy - a man in demand! Would also be really interested in seeing your target setting documents. Thanks in advance.

  16. Always nice to meet a fan! [​IMG]
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  17. Caramel2308

    Caramel2308 Occasional commenter

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  19. hello
    I would love a copy of your target setting format if possible, im in a year 2 class.

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