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Set homework that marks itself!!!

Discussion in 'Geography' started by DreamTeachGeography, Sep 3, 2013.

  1. Our DreamTeach Activ site is now live and it is completely free for exisiting DreamTeach users.

    It is a pupil work site with over 200 online tasks. It allows you to set engaging and informative homework that marks itself. Most of these tasks are self marking although there are more detailed written tasks available. The tasks link to existing teaching resources on the DreamTeach site, further consolidating learning. There is also the ability to upload your own tasks and set your own mark schemes.

    We are offering a free two month trial of both products to the first 20 schools that get in touch- email us at info@dreamteach.co.uk.

    Quote TES Geography in your email.

    Other features:

    <ul class="bbc_list">
    [*]Engaging avatar characters for pupils
    [*]Strong literacy focus with topic spelling tests
    [*]GIS tasks
    [*]Skill based tasks and revision games

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