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Serial school hopper!

Discussion in 'Workplace dilemmas' started by Vicsy, Jan 23, 2011.

  1. Hi guys,
    Need advice pls. In 4th year of teaching and for various reasons am in 3rd school already, first was closed by local authority, left 2nd after a yr as i hated it and now in 3rd. I like my current school, am basically running a special school (unit) for kids in care with challenging behaviours. It's tough, I teach 8 GCSE subjects, behaviour is really tough and I'm the only teacher. Only 3 kids on roll. I do everything - am SENCO, only teacher, write all PEPs, IEPs etc and even hoover at 5pm! As I said, I do like it but am not paid MPS, due to it being a private company, obviously have no pension etc too. I'm on £27k (a tad under MPS) but worryingly next "point" on their scale is only about £500 more. I have addressed issue with my line manager who said no more money available.
    So my question is should I stay for a job I like but rubbish money? (Bearing in mind my school hop CV!)
  2. Quite simply, is money more important to you than job satisfaction? That's what you need to decide. Personally, I wouldn't want to employ a teacher who was more concerned with the money. Don't get me wrong, it sounds like a tough job but while you don't have to do it forever, I would suggest at least 2 years to show future employers that you have some commitment.
  3. Only you can answer this one.
    Job satisfaction is worth money, but you also run the risk of being exploited, and when you do eventually call a halt to the increasing demands, then you are labelled a nuisance.
    You have gained a wide range of useful experience so should stand out when applying.
    Concerned that you aren't building up pension rights - whatever you do, address this. 'Every little helps' by the time you decide to draw it.
  4. [​IMG]Ah yes Flowerpot - the same rot set in with the noble art of football when they let in persons who were NOT gentlemen, and paid them for their skills.

  5. Karvol

    Karvol Occasional commenter

    Why not? Would you work for nothing?
    If not then it is just a sliding scale to get to the amount you would work for, so money is an important aspect of it.
    I always find it strange that people seem to forget that teaching is a job, pure and simple. It is not your life and it is not your reason for living. You teach to make money and have a life outside your workplace. Sure, you try and do some good along the way and prepare the children in your care for the next step in their life once they leave your class, but that is not the only reason we teach.
    As for the view that you can make much more money outside teaching, so why don't you do that, well they don't have the holidays.
  6. Thanks guys. Will have to weigh up job satisfaction with the dosh, although don't suppose you reslly know until you move jobs! Will just keep my eyes peeled til then I guess. Thanks again.

  7. Apologies Karvol if I wasnt clear - I meant someone who is concerned solely with the money, rather than doing the job because they enjoy it. I wouldn't want to emply a nurse or a doctor who said they were only in for the money either. Yes of course its a living, but some livings' require you to be interested in what you do as well. Enjoyment is key to being satisfied in any job, in my opinion, and if you aren't satisfied in your job, no amount of money will improve that (for most people!).
    Also I wouldnt really think teaching is not a good job to do 'just for the money' because it does take up an extraordinary amount of your own personal time. I'm sure there are much easier ways to make money - being a banker, for example?
  8. minnieminx

    minnieminx New commenter

    Moving again isn't a problem if you can show that you have good reason to do so.

    Moving just because might well do. Definitely don't stay just because you feel you have to. Keep an eye out and if the right job comes up then go for it.

    I've been a bit of a hopper, 6 schools and 3 different stints of supply, but it has never been an issue for the next post as all have been for good reasons.

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