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Discussion in 'Health and wellbeing' started by mack_roy05611, Jul 12, 2018.

  1. mack_roy05611

    mack_roy05611 New commenter

    Hi Guys,
    So a few weeks ago I collapsed with a high heart rate, fast breathing and fever, and was rushed to the hospital by a friend where after hours of sitting in the emergency room I was diagnosed with mild septicaemia. I received IV antibiotics for three days and was sent home with a huge prescription to take for the next three months(!!!).

    Since then I've returned to work after a week off, though I still have massive temperature fluctuations, and I'm exhausted by the end of the day every day. My school and colleagues have been incredibly supportive, but I'm a stubborn thing and I hate asking for help. I don;t really know what I'm looking for except to vent really...I'm so sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I know the road to recovery from this is looooong as anything, but I'm tired of needing to be in bed by half four or I fall asleep in my dinner, and I'm tired of feeling confused and out of touch with reality, and I'm even more tired of feeling ill all the time, either burning up or chilled, picking up every tiny virus because my immunity is compromised...

    And, (and I know this is awful), i'm even more sick of peoples concern? I appreciate it, I do, but being told to get some rest at home every time I so much as yawn isn't that helpful. I want to get back to normal or I don't think I ever will. I'm so terrified of feeling this way forever, and never feeling fully able to do my job again. They told me at the hospital (where I have to have review appointments every few days) that it's natural to feel depressed and disconnected, but it's taking the joy out of things..

    If anyone had any advice I would be grateful, but just ranting has been helpful too.
  2. Bedlam3

    Bedlam3 Star commenter

    Sounds like you went back to school too soon. You don't have to soldier on you know. Take some time now the holidays are here to rest and relax.
  3. bonxie

    bonxie Lead commenter

  4. sunshineneeded

    sunshineneeded Star commenter

    Close relative had a similar problem just before Christmas - think it was a more severe case as in hospital for almost a month, two weeks on a variety of IV antibiotics. Once out of hospital she had a further two weeks off work, then a slow phased return. She would also have great empathy with your feeling low and depressed - that's still happening, but less so now. I would say it took six months before she felt fully recovered, so it's a slow process. It does sound as if you went back to school too soon. Hope you are feeling a lot better now, but do take care of yourself during the holidays. Take medical advice and listen to your body - if you're tired, then have a nap! Build up the 'normal' stuff slowly - a walk or whatever every day - being outdoors is good for your mood as well as building up physical strength. Very best wishes x

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