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Septembers timetable in June

Discussion in 'Secondary' started by sunset, Jun 12, 2011.

  1. It was announced to us a couple of weeks ago that we would begin the 2011 - 2012 timetable in June to accommodate for the one year GCSE courses running in our school. Does anyone else do this? How successful is it? I am concerned that students are going to find it hard to adjust, they won't have had their 'summer holiday' right of passage. I am also worried that we're now rushing to try and get this year wrapped up.
    I was looking forward to enjoying my year 11 gained time!
  2. ferrisbueller

    ferrisbueller New commenter

    Same here. Making an early start !! - more work, no gain time and new SoW and lesson planning to be done, in my own time, of course !! My evenings are turning into night shift for no extra pay, let alone 'overtime' or 'bonus' pay !!
    The next person who is not a Teacher tells me that I've got it easy re: pensions, 13 weeks paid holiday etc etc I WILL THUMP !!
  3. Yes, the fantastic holidays! My line manager commented on me going away with my family at half term as I would not be available to go into school to offer revision [​IMG]
  4. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Hi there

    We are changing timetables soon too- first time for me- and I will really miss the gained time.
    Not taught the new specs yet (all GCSE classes were AQA or WJEC legacy specs) so, like many others, I am desperately trying to get my head around them and create SOW for new classes.
    No timetable yet tho! LOL
    I do however, teach 2 option subjects as well as core so can see how this will help in some ways. On the other hand, students are not always ready/mature enough to begin their GCSEs in September, let alone June!
    It will be interesting.
  5. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

    What amazing spiritual journey do they go on through during this period?
    No comment...

  6. Crowbob

    Crowbob Lead commenter

  7. lizgaskell

    lizgaskell Occasional commenter

    Hi Blazer

    Seen my TT today and yes, I am teaching year 7 for the first time in 4years- DHT made sure of this so that I had some time. He is a very nice man.
    Thank goodness.[​IMG]

  8. AdmiralNelson

    AdmiralNelson New commenter

    Losing the Y11 gained time would mean:
    <address>a) less time spent on report writing we have 4 year groups to do in June/early July)</address><address>b) less time for completion of GCSE Controlled Assessment</address><address>c) Fewer trips (which SLT are alwatys encouraging us to run at this time of year)</address><address>d) Starting Exam courses with staff that are tired following the pressure to get Y11 ready for their exams & students less keen than in September </address><address>e) Staff not able to use the time for developing resources, up dating SoW etc. </address><address></address><address>IMHO the losses outweigh the gains...</address>

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