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September intake - Full days from day 1!! Ideas for structure of day :-)

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by sarahpearce512, Mar 15, 2011.

  1. Hi all,
    Am looking for some inspiration :)
    As our Reception children will be having the opportunity to start full days from September we are looking at how best to accommodate their needs and reviewing our current timetable. I was wondering if you could possibly share some ideas as to how your morning and afternoon sessions will be conducted.

    Will you have a nap time or reflection time for the children in the afternoons? When will your children have adult directed learning times?

    We currently have our adult directed learning time in the morning and the children complete 'Plan, Do, Review' in the afternoons to independently apply new skills learnt!

    Any ideas would be a great help!

    Thank you in advance [​IMG]

  2. Hope this helps - this is roughly what I do and it works very well - the children like the structure and get use to directed activities. (Not quite as structured 1st few weeks, but always teach phonic from day 1 when they are part time).
    We all do things differently and I expect others will have great ideas.

    Daily Plan Autumn Term 1 Tuesday 28th September 2010
    Time Sequence of Morning
    8-55 Self Registration
    Fine motor activities
    2 adults whiteboards ? patterns/formation
    3 groups independent fine motor activities (see fine motor plan)
    9-20 Sing song ? movement. (Head, shoulders Knees and toes).
    9-25 Phonics ? Letters and Sounds
    Sing Super Singers Track 11 (aspect 3)
    Revise s, a, t, p, i, m, n, d, g Flash cards
    Teach o
    Revise Tricky words I, no, go, to. Teach ?the?.
    Play ?pass the bag?
    2 groups adult led
    9.45 Child Initiated
    Teacher directed activity ? make play dough (Sue)

    10.45 Fruit and drinks ? circle time
    PSE ? Talk about class rules. Share books. Hands are not for hitting, Feet are not for kicking.
    11.00 Child Initiated (inside and outside)
    Continue making play dough.
    Reading - Girls
    11.40 Number songs
    Rote counting
    Number flash cards
    11.50 Discuss need for personal hygiene (toileting and washing hands for lunch time).

    11.55 Lunchtime

    Approx Sequence of Afternoon
    1.15 Self Registration.
    1.20 Continue to share class rules / discuss the need for rules.
    1.30 Movement ? songs
    Reading ? Mr. Jordan
    1.40 Child Initiated ? Planning. Model how to speak in sentences to tell a friend what they plan to do. Share with the class.
    1.50 Child initiated time.
    Assess for SD 6
    2.30 Story time / number songs
    3.05 Home time
  3. Thank you Minxy1234 - It is really helpful to see how your timetable is put together!
    Do the children have free-flow to the outdoor area or do they choose to play where there is a space?

    Thanks [​IMG]
  4. I tend to do things gradually, introducing different areas, and modellling what to do in them etc. I don't have free flow (whatever that is!)all of the time, child initiated they can choose to go inside or out. I tend to have more structure, with set times for little inputs of teaching. This year the children have found it difficult to sit and listen so I have done shorter teaching inputs, but more of them. You have to grab their attention when you can and take advantage! I find the children like structure and respond well to it. Group work is a favourite at the moment!

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