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Sept 2010-What are we all studying? and where?

Discussion in 'Trainee and student teachers' started by lilmissre, Jun 3, 2010.

  1. I thought it might a be good idea to find out what we're all studying, particularly if we wanted form study groups or wanted to share best practice. [​IMG]

    I'm doing PGCE Business Studies and Hertfordshire
  2. Primary PGCE Oxford Brookes [​IMG]
  3. I am doing Foundation and KS1 at Roehampton University.
    Would be very interested in making a group with those studying this age group; we could share resources etc!
  4. I'm doing PGCE Primary with German at Kingston~
    I'd be interested in forming study groups with people both doing it with German and without~
    Nice to meet you all. :)
  5. Great idea!
    PGCE Mathematics (11-18) Goldsmiths, London

  6. I'm doing PGCE Early Years at MMU.
    I'm really excited but also a bucket of nerves.
  7. If anyone fancies taking a bet, I'd put £50 on these study groups never happening.
    You're likely to be FAR too busy with real life stuff to worry about other student teachers hundreds of miles away.
    Very worthy idea, though.
  8. Slightly harsh! [​IMG]
    I'm not suggesting that we cosy on up to each other and share every moment of our PGCE but Cherbear is right, it would be valuable to share resourses and be in contact with others going through the same stuff.

    I would really like to be part of a EYFS / KS1 group. Count me in!
  9. I think it would be good to have people to message for advice or even to share resources so i would be in for EYS GROUP. I know i won't be online much during the course but to know there are people there to chat to would be reassuring
  10. Hi,
    I'll be starting a Secondary Design Technology PGCE at the Caerleon campus of the University of Newport.
    Exciting and nervous!!
    Would love to hear from others doing DT and/or the same uni...
    Good luck all
  11. PGCE Biology at the University of Leeds. [​IMG]
  12. AudyR

    AudyR New commenter

    PGCE Biology at Goldsmiths
  13. Applied Information Technology at university of Bedofrdshire
  14. Injins you've made me giggle for the second time today! lol
    I'm doing Primary PGCE at MMU (Crewe campus)
    Would be great to hear from anyone else on the course :eek:)
    Good Luck everyone!
  15. P.s. There are some groups on Facebook for PGCE students as well [​IMG]
  16. I'm on the Primary SCITT with the Jewish Primary School Consortium/Agency for Jewish Education.
  17. Have you had any confirmation on term dates?
  18. Hi

    I am doing PGCE Mathematics (11-18) at Bristol University
  19. Hi everone,
    I am starting Early Years primary PGCE with NorthTyneside SCITT , which is with Northumbria University. Would love to get involved, we may be needing some moral support :))
  20. Is there no one doing business studies? [​IMG]

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