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Discussion in 'Private tutors' started by pangar, Oct 14, 2011.

  1. Would anyone care to comment on the following request I received recently:
    An offer from a tutorial agency to attend a 'group interview' before which one is encouraged to pay a £50 fee to cover the ECRB and other costs. It seems to me that there is no guarantee whatsoever that the fee is refundable or that any work will necessarily be offered there after. It also occurs to me that you can consult Ofsted to get a feel for a school or college but what does one do to ascertain if these private companies are what they claim to be?
  2. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter



  3. Why would you?
  4. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter

    Effectively, they're charging you for registering. As the OP points out, there's no guarantee there'll be any work afterwards.
    The more legit operations will be so confident of getting you work that they'll be certain to make their cut from the hours you go on to work. Fees up front smacks of these 'work from home' scams where you're promised 56k a year for a few hours work a week- and only a £50 admin fee is needed to get going.
    And pay to attend an interview? C'mon...

  5. I have had prospective employers for teaching posts decline to cover any interview expenses, which has significantly reduced the range of posts for which I can apply. It's all fun and games at present, isn't it?
  6. DonutBoy99

    DonutBoy99 New commenter

    If they are that tight before you get employed by them, how bad are they going to be once you're in post?
    Tells you a lot about the place, and you may have had a lucky escape!

  7. Don't you already have an ECRB,? If not get your own, you need one anyway. Does it cost anywhere near £50? My last one cost me £20. Maybe it's getting a bit old. And what other costs could they justifiably ask you to pay? Any other expenses are just the day to day costs of running their business.

    Anyway, as everyone says, this is a scam.

    When companies approach me I automatically reject them. If I want to work for someone else I'll apply to them. People who spam you or knock on your door are generally not worth considering, IMO.

    The beauty of private tuition is that other than tax, NI and a few small expenses the income is yours; you're not making anyone else rich.

    I do some work for a company that charges for my time at a rate which is about 4 times what they pay me.

    I think I need to take my own advice!

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