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Sense of Touch activities...HELP!!!

Discussion in 'Early Years' started by GudrunW, May 9, 2011.

  1. Can anyone help me please as I have drawn a blank. I'm being observed on Thursday and my lesson is about the sense of touch. I will have feely boxes with various things in but need another activity for a table which may involve some kind of recording linked to the lesson. Was thinking of making sensory books with various materials but then felt it was rather uninspiring for 4/5 year olds. Does anyone have anything inspirational as panic is setting in! Thanks.
  2. Could you maybe give them some different types/textures of materials and get them to make a face with them...e.g. fluffy wool for the hair, rough and smooth materials.
    Not sure how it would work but at least then they would have something more interesting recording-wise. The observers would probably talk to them too, which would enable them to describe / identify etc, thus extending their understanding.
    Hope this helps. x
  3. How messy do you want to get?
    In addition to feely boxes, I have done barefoot walks with my class - different trays / surfaces with eg compost, sand, gloop, bark chippings etc. If you do it outside it can be really large scale, is very appealing to boys, and in my experience generates more complex and exciting language than using hands only for touching.

  4. Thank you both - was thinking of doing some foot painting - really like the idea of other surfaces to walk on. Will also do some texture pictures! Lovely.


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