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sending SATS back for remarking!!

Discussion in 'Primary' started by gully, Jun 29, 2011.

  1. We have a huge disparity in marks awarded, 27 out of 58 pupils have level 5 in reading, 26 in maths, but only one in writing. School assessment was that we should have 14 level 5 writers, yet one class has none the other only one. The results are not in line with last years results.
  2. Pedant!
  3. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    That's not true pedantry. It's misconceived. I'm a pedant and I'd never make such an ill advised comment (I hope!)
  4. It just brings nothing to the discussion.
    It's like being sat at a bar discussing something with friends and a guy sat on the stool next to you leaning over and telling you that you have said something incorrect.
    In that situation he would be lucky not to get a punch in the mouth.
    In real life people would not do it! I am sure these people do not sit in the staff room pointing out their colleagues grammar mistakes. (at least not to their faces)
    In real life it is rude! On tes it is still rude!
  5. The really depressing thing is, two years ago, I sent about five of mine back for re-marking, they were terrible. The appeal team agreed that the marking had been dubious, gave extra marks where I had asked for them then reduced the scores given to handwriting so we ended up almost back at square one. Unfortunately, the markers don't like to admit that their judgements are flawed. I wouldn't mind but I spent a whole weekend re-marking and writing up examples of how they had been marked incorrectly. It's horrible, I feel your pain!
  6. Now I'm on your case as well. Whatever is the world coming to?
  7. We still haven't even got our english papers back! Anyone know if this is normal when the results are due out on tues??? Or know any schools who are still waiting for them to return?
  8. The huge disparity someone mentioned earlier in the thread is the most worrying and concerning aspect of this whole fiasco. Working on last year's thresholds, we will have 96% 4+ in Reading with 68% Lv.5...this is pretty much bang on with my Teacher Assessment, however, according to the marker only 58% of these children are Level 4 writers.
    I've never seen so many good text, sentence and punctuation features seemingly go unawarded. It is disgusting and I fully intend so send the entire cohort's writing back for re-marking.
    Surely, if we all make enough noise they will have to listen; this is a complete mockery of our profession and our children.
    For the record, I'm not an NQT with limited experience...just was when I set this thing up years ago!
  9. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    silverlocket, you worried me there. You mean number 44?:
    "If spelling's not being marked, then there'll be no penalty for "should of", surely. (More likely grammar credit if "should" is used appropriately.)"
    Nothing wrong with it. (Or have I slipped up elsewhere?)
  10. markuss

    markuss Occasional commenter

    "I've never seen so many good text, sentence and punctuation features seemingly go unawarded"
    leenqt, I expect your pupils do write well - you know them and know what they can do and they may well have been hard done by so far.
    However, there'll be markers shuddering at your "features" comment. So many children think that if they pack in all the features they can, that they're bound to get a good mark. It doesn't work like that. They still have to write well in response to the specific task.
    You can get very formulaic answers - you know, they make sure there's an embedded clause in the first sentence; they end with ellipsis marks and in between they don't miss any opportunity to postmodify with an alliterative simile. And so on and so on. And the writing can be dire and often is.
    I'm not saying the children you teach do that but, honestly, it does happen.
  11. So refreshing...!
  12. Feeling nervous for thresholds now. Our reading is much higher than writing at them moment. Hardly any L5s but on L2 child has achieved a 4 in writing! First year as subject leader so need the data to look a bit better than it does at them moment. Very interesting that everyone is saying the same thing about writing. Good luck all!
  13. I mean -so refreshing that people notice the 'should have' /'could have' grammar, and the apostrophe issue. I thought they had become lost in our 'modern times'.
  14. Alena

    Alena New commenter

    Thresholds online now.

  15. I just checked and couldn't find them! You got a link?
  16. If you have the theshold, could you pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee share them.
  17. Thanks - much appreciated[​IMG]
  18. CarrieV

    CarrieV Lead commenter

    Honestly, call yourself a Year 6 teacher!

    You should know the web address of the thresholds page off by heart[​IMG]
  19. Whatever - stop being so self righteous.

    Yes - Thresholds down for level 4 numeracy and writing.[​IMG]

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