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Send your computer code into SPACE with astronaut Tim Peake

Discussion in 'Education news' started by RaspberryPiFoundation, Feb 17, 2016.

  1. RaspberryPiFoundation

    RaspberryPiFoundation New commenter

    Hi all

    This is Dave Honess from the Raspberry Pi Foundation posting using our TES account. I don’t normally post on here but I’ve got some exciting news. There’s an opportunity to get more student code onto the International Space Station now that ESA have allowed us to extend the Astro Pi mission.

    What’s Astro Pi? Raspberry Pi in space! You can find more detail about the mission here.

    In a nutshell there are two coding challenges on offer that you can undertake with your students, they’re both music based. One is to code an MP3 playing program for the Astro Pi and the other is to code music for it to play using Sonic Pi. The details of the challenges can be found online here.

    The prize is to have your code uploaded to the International Space Station. Your code will, on a best-effort basis subject to operational constraints, be run on Tim’s Astro Pis onboard the ISS.

    That’s right – your code, in space!

    We’ve also got a press release which is being released by the UK Space Agency, ESA and the UK Space Trade association which you can download here for more detail.

    The closing date is March 31st.

    From the 2015 competition we found that the hook of the prize was profoundly engaging to young people. We saw kids with little or no coding experience learn how to code in Python just so they could take part. We saw kids, who were otherwise considered underachievers, working through their lunch breaks and coming in after school because they wanted their code to be perfect before it went into space.

    Any questions, please reply below.


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