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SEND - how much intervention time for pupils per week?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by lhiggs91, Jun 14, 2017.

  1. lhiggs91

    lhiggs91 New commenter

    Hi all, would love a bit of guidance, but will give some background info first!

    I am a newly appointed SENCo of a private British Curriculum school in Hong Kong after being a year 1 teacher/leader there for a year. The school itself has only been open 4 years and is still facing a few teething problems. They only had a SENCo for a few months last year before they left so I pretty much have a blank canvas.
    One thing that was put in place was support for dyslexic/very low ability children in Literacy. They currently do 3 interventions back to back every day, BEAT, Toe by Toe and RAZ computer program. This takes place during the Literacy lesson so they are out of class. The support staff running the intervention sing praises and say it is necessary to continue like this next year, but my major concern from a class teacher point of view is they are missing so many skills that are taught in the whole class literacy lessons such as genre, SPAG, opportunities to go through the planning process and the rich vocabulary gained from discussing with peers, experiencing modelled writing etc.

    I definitely want to make changes so that these children are included in class literacy lessons next year, then they can hopefully receive interventions in the afternoon in addition. I am obviously quite limited in terms of man power and time, but am fully aware that 45 mins of constant intervention is too intense. Can anyone share any info about recommended intervention time scales? My idea is to go little and often with 10-20 minutes daily.

    What I'd love to know is does anyone use these programs and rate them?
    Am I right to suggest they should receive more class time and less intervention than they currently receive?
    How long do interventions run for dyslexic children run for in your school? (I know it will obviously vary slightly from child to child!)

    I would really appreciate a few comments so I can go to management with plenty of reasons why we need to make changes!!

    Thank you in advance!
  2. rosiecg

    rosiecg Occasional commenter

    Hi @lhiggs91 - I'm in a very similar situation in a private international school in Malaysia. I think it would be really helpful for us to chat properly so I'm going to send you a PM.
  3. JulesDaulby

    JulesDaulby Occasional commenter

    Such a good question. I think you should absolutely be questioning this. Time in class is really important and embedded literacy which is phonic aware can make lots of difference.

    To present argument for management i would recommend you do a few things first:

    Look through data

    What progress are learners making?
    Are these interventions making an impact?
    Are the interventions SMART? Particularly regarding time.
    Should all students be doing same thing? Have school identified precisely what these students need or just lumped them together?
    Are dyslexic students low ability? They may be very able but barrier is literacy - there intervention should be very different to someone with global delay
    A student with a language Impairment will need different approach to a dyslexic profile for example
    The graduated approach is key here and you sound like you will sort this out so the impact of timed interventions are measured and they are targetted at the individual's need.

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