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SENCo Resources - what are the gaps?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by madcow26, Jun 8, 2011.

  1. I've recently been empoyed to work on a national SEND project for a charity that supports families with disabled children. The remit of the project is to work with Sencos, Parent Partnership Services and families to improve information provision and to provide Sencos with the resources they need to help families that they work with to access or signpost to the services that they need.
    At the moment we are mapping what's out there, including good practice, and trying to identify what the gaps might be in terms of available resources or in Senco knowledge around the non-education or wider issues that affect children and their families.
    We're aware of the pressure that Sencos are under and the limited time that they have available to fulfill their role so what it is it that we could provide that would be useful? This may be something as simple as directing parents to our helpline but may include things such as: online resources, there are many out there though many are now obsolete; an online Senco surgery where you can get instant answers to queries; workshops for Sencos (what topics would be useful?); free access to our online directory of conditions and details of support groups; checklists and flowcharts to help you; coordination of the information that is already out there; awareness raising of our information and guides; help on working in partnership with parents.
    We are really keen to hear from Sencos about what they feel might help them in their work with families of children with SEN and or disabilities; what can help to relieve some of the pressure on you; what information is currently missing; we'd like information on what Senco forums are still running and how we can access them so that we can capture the views of more Sencos; what are the most effective journals or bulletins for Sencos; what is the best way for us to get information to Sencos?
    If you have any views on this please post them as we want to pitch this project right so that we can improve information and alleviate some of the pressure on Sencos. We're also keen to talk to Sencos. Please message me if you'd be willing to have a brief conversation.
    Thank you.


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