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Senco Qualification

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Mat77, May 7, 2011.

  1. Mat77

    Mat77 New commenter

    I teach in primary and this year I took on the role of SENCo. I have been trying to find out if the SENCo qualification is still compulsory and if funding for it is going to continue after 2011.
    I am switching year groups in September and really don't want to have to undergo masters level course work whilst trying to find my feet in Y5. I have heard the course is hard going and that, as a full time teacher & SENCo, fitting it in around a family is massively stressful. I'm not sure I want to undertake this course but would be reluctant to give up the SENCo role as I am really enjoying the challenge of this.
    Even more frustrating - I already have a masters and the idea of going back to all those books and assignment writing is really not appealing :-(
    If you have any info/advice, would be much appreciated. THanks
  2. Does anyone know anyone who has completed course and if the senco handbook is any good for an Infant senco?

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