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Senco pay

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by dudester98, Jan 7, 2011.

  1. I petitioned my Head for a TLR at the start of this year - I presented him with my list of duties which are literally the same as the other main coordiantors which all receive a TLR. If you are managing other staff (TAs) and have a whole school responsibility which is more than that of a classroom teacher and are involved in coaching and supporting others in Teaching and Learning then you should be getting a TLR.
    My Head agreed that the SEN allowance didn't fit the bill for the SENCo role and awarded me the TLR.
  2. Thanks! Do you know whether there is a minimum number of other staff that you have to manage which means you have to be given a TLR? Our subject co-ordinators don't get them (primary school) I only work as the senco I don't class teach any more....
  3. As far as I know there isn't. The TL in TLR stands for Teaching and Learning so it's about impact on teaching and learning, not just being a line manager. As for SEN points, there was a whole debate about this a while ago but as I recall your teaching needs to be mainly with children with SEN. SEN points are discretionary and some governing bodies won't recognise them.
  4. As you will coordinating staff you need to be on TLR band 1. Band 2 is usually for Assistant SENCO's. Don't settle for less!

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