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SENCo national award - what is a model of SEN?

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Sarah C, Oct 17, 2010.

  1. I am wading through the SEN audit, which is part of the course, and am stumped on the question 'I can describe the models of SEN'.
    Anyone know what this means? Thanks
  2. Dodros

    Dodros Star commenter

  3. - yes, this sheds some light on the terminology, thank you very much!
  4. How are you finding the course?
  5. aghhhhhhhhhhh!

    I'm not very disciplined at the best of times, and this feels like a great weight hanging over me. Completed my reflection on day 1 and am about 3/4 of the way through the audit, but without gathering any of the evidence for my portfolio. Hope to get on with it a bit more in half term, if family life will allow..... Just seems too big a task at the moment.
    What are other's views?
  6. Very similar to yours. I started last academic year and have an assignment due in fairly soon. The LA days are quite good but the uni days are just so daunting. They just don't seem to be working in partnership because the messages are different. I have done the audit and targeted an area to improve, researched and prepared an INSET and have now seen positive improvements in the classrooms BUT just have zero motivation to go and write the bloody thing up! I have a full teaching timetable and SLT responsibilities, a wife and a lovely little 11 week old baby boy! Why the hell why I would want to spend my half term referencing my thoughts in a university library?! This course has come at the wrong time for me (and I hate the fact that it is not optional!). With the backing of a very supportive headteacher, I might just not submit the assignment this year and see what happens.
    Sorry to offload on you but it has been hanging over me like a big, dark cloud for the last few weeks!!
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  7. That's exactly how I am feeling - like a big dark cloud is hanging over me, I seem to be spending hours on the assignement and not getting anywhere ...my life now revolves around me trying to find time to read, get to library and try to write up assignment ...a complete nightmare , trying to do my job as well ( if I wasn't part time I'd have been ill by now)...run the home, be a mum to my children and run them rounbd everywhere !
  8. Ah glad it isn't just me. Have you shared this with your Head? If so, are they supportive? Like I said, mine is fantastic with her support.
    I am full time with management responsibilities and a Year 6 class - the bottom line is that this is not a realistic expectation to do alongside the job. Having worked through many a holiday in the past, I simply have no motivation to do the same next week. This is of course on top of the preparation for the return to teaching the following week and preparation for the residential visit the following week.
    Serious question: do you know what would happen if I refused to hand in an assignment/complete the course?
  9. billandsplodge

    billandsplodge New commenter

    Devonsent, I have been having similar conversations with my LA - our Inclusion Co-ordinator keeps on saying that the course is a "legal requirement" but what are the implications if we don't do it? I have two children under two, am a new SENCo (started in Sept) with a huge workload and I just don't forsee me having the energy/time to complete this course. I have resisted starting in January and managed to defer until October 11 but still have concerns about it.
    I have heard anecdotally of one student who has dropped out already - her uni emailed her back and told her she "couldn't" drop out. But again, what are they going to do to her to force her to attend?!
  10. I will let you know when I find out!!
    As I have said, this course has come at the wrong time for me. I get the importance of it but it's requirements are not manageable for me alongside the other stuff I do. Interesting to think that they may state that I can't be the SENCo at my school because I don't hold the requirement. (I am lucky in that them saying this would have no financial implication for me because I am on Ladership paye scale rather than SEN bonus). I really can't see that they would 'stop' me being SENCo. The bottom line is that, as I raised on one of the LA days, the demands of this award would actually put off potential SENCos from going down that route.
  11. Enjoy the holiday, and enjoy your new baby - this time is so precious. My feeling, and that of others in my group is that we are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our uni didn't get the funding confirmed for our Sept start until a few days before, so it is possible that next year there will be no funding...and the award will then not be compulsory.
  12. Yes, have a feeling that the award will be pulled due to lack of funding too.
  13. billandsplodge

    billandsplodge New commenter

    We have been told that the funding is being pulled but it will remain compulsory!
    Don't quite see how they can pull that one off!
  14. minnie me

    minnie me Star commenter

    I have heard that OFSTED will take the view that the school is being 'non compliant ' if the new SENCO does not have the qualification . I work on the award in the North West ( marker / trainer / mentor ) and to my knowledge funding is guaranteed for the next co hort -starting Jan 2011
  15. <font size="2">Hi all, </font><font size="2">I m new to the role and have been asked (told) to do the course. My school are very supportive and have given me a reduced timetable to do it. However, I was wondering what provider you are all using/ or have you heard of one that is particularly good. </font><font size="2">Sorry to hijack the thread!!</font>
  16. Hi all,
    have found reading through this thread (especially today) really helpful as have just found out that I failed my sencond assignment on the SENCo award course! I am so devaststed as I worked all the way through the last 2 weeks of the summer hols to do it and apparently it just isnt in the correct style for masters level.

    I have been told by OFSTED that I am doing a 'good' job and I have completely over-hauled SEN at my school since taking over as SENCo last Sept, which my SLT are very pleased about - so much so that they deceided to award me a TLR instead of just the SEN allowance. But this isn't transeferringinto my assigment writing abilities!!!

    I'm now wondering if I have the energy and time to carry on doing the course because I will have to re-do this failed assignment and then I also have one due in in March. I am however finished in April once my portfolio is handed in - (not sure what would happen if I didn't pass?!?!?) Would school have to find a new SENCO???

  17. Dudester, sorry to hear about your assignment. I'm gutted for you that all of that time has been spent in vain.
    As I have mentioned on this and other threads, this has been a real headache for me too. I am on the verge of deciding not to continue this course because I simply can't see how it can be done alongside a full teaching timetable. It just doesn't sit well with me that you have been seen as doing a grand job by Ofsted and your SLT and then you still have to jump through this hoop. Whereas SENCOs employed for a longer amount of time are exempt from this. How is that fair?
    Like I said, I am about to drop off the course officially. I have been informed that SENCos have to pass this within three years of taking on the role but no one has informed me of what would happen if I didn't. I am not against CPD and do not think I know everything but this course does not work for me. Have raised it with LA and the university and they say this will be fed back to the TDA, who set the content. Not much help for me.
    Anyway, good luck with what you decide to do.
  18. I'm really sorry to hear you've failed an assignment, how discouraging for you - I'm working on an assignment at present and really am concerned it will not be up to masters level - if not , will I have to redo the whole assignment or can I work on the one that might no be good enough? The thought of starting from scratch again is really worrying me.
  19. Hi Psalm23,

    You will be able to just improve the assignment if it fails and then re-submit it, but you will then only be able to score a 50% pass on it (as long as you pass I don't think this matters!)
  20. I am relieved to see that somebody is thinking the same as me!

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