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SENCO interview

Discussion in 'Primary' started by catjane, Apr 9, 2009.

  1. catjane

    catjane New commenter

    would anyone be kind enough to give me some ideas about the types of question I might get asked about this job interview? Although I am an expereinced teacher I have had not had any experience of this role; the Head says training will be provided for the right candidate. I would really appreciate some help.
    Many thanks.
  2. Make sure that you know the 5 Stages of the Code of Practice. Emphasise that you will build up contacts with the relevant outside agencies who you will need to contact.
  3. I had a SENCo interview recently and I had no experience either. I made sure I was aware of the changes Every Child Matters has had on the role and had read removing barriers to achievement and had looked at the 2020 vision - so was able to dicuss the move to personalised learning. I had to do a presentation on inclusion so focussed on how you can adapt teaching styles to the learners needs as well as discussing the three waves of inclusion & the code of practice.
    The questions I was asked were related to my presentation and I had questions about how I would deal with parents, what I would do if a teacher was struggling with a child's behaviour etc.
  4. Think about budgets, resources and if you have to line manage TAs as well. Personalised learning and ECM are the big things at the moment. Definitely mention liaison and multiagency working, and the CAF.
  5. I've just been given the role of SENCO in my current school, starting in September & am really happy about it!! I have been teaching 6 yrs and have had some good sen experience, but want to prepare myself fully for the role. The school is happy to send me on training this summer, I just need to find a good course...between 2-5days. But I'm struggling to find something! I would ideally like something on identifying specific learning difficulties and suggestions on different provisions, etc. Also, since my school has many EAL children, some with no english at all, I wouldnt mind some EAL training & work on possible strategies or resources to use. Could you recommend anything at all, or direct me somewhere useful?? I would really appreciate any advice.
  6. Any other advice about being a new senco would also be really helpful!
  7. In the SENCO interview I had they only asked management questions, e.g. of staff, budgets etc. It could have been any management post they were interviewing for.

    Of course it all depends on what they are looking for in their SENCO. Some will ask more general SEN questions, some will ask about procedures.
  8. I have been a senco for 2 years now, and was completely new to the role to start with. It has been a daunting uphill climb but I am enjoying it now! Talk about provision maping, interventions, the inclusion development programme, gifted and talented, EAL, child friendly IEP's, group education plans, involving parents and children in the IEP review and annual rview process.
    There are 2 great books I would recommend; How to survive and succeed as a senco in the primary school, and how to be a better SEN coordinator. These really helped me get to grips with the role. My head sent me on a 1 day course called training for new senco's but to be honest most of what I've learned has been whilst doing the job.
    Advice I would give is to get to grips with the important long term stuff- such as annual review dates. Then to get to know the chn on the SEN register and to update this using an SEN audit for all class teachers to complete. Then I would collect in class SEN files (or create them if they don't exist!) and update the information in these. Then I would tidy up and sort out the paperwork (hopefully yours won't be in as much of a mess as mine was when I arrived!) and lastly I would look at SEN resources and audit these; are they centrally located, are they logged in and out, are they still used?
    Hope this helps!
    Sian : )

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