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SENCo Accreditation

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by beckidaniel, Aug 21, 2010.

  1. Hi all,
    I am about to begin the SENCo Accreditation course in September, and was wondering if anyone here has been through the course yet? If so do you have any advice?!
  2. I am also about to start this in September with Sheffield Hallam Uni. I have been on the induction day but I am extremely concerned how I am supposed to fit this in with my job, he a life and spend time with my children who do not see enough of me as it is.
    If anyone can idicate how much time they spent doing this course I would appreciate it, so I could possibly ask for time in the school day to do it, at keypoints in the year. Long shot, but worth a try.

  3. I am two thirds of the way through the SENCo qualification course at Oxford Brookes. My course started in Jan '10. Each term have had one full day of training and then approx one twilight every 3 weeks. It has been hard work with three children and only one day SENCo time and a class to teach! We were given 9 days of supply cover which was 3 days to cover the full days and 6 days to use for study, visiting other schools, observations etc. Although not enough this has been helpful. I don't know whether the TDA are carrying on with funding for these extra days. I have spent about 4 days writing my assignment this holiday ( that is on top of reading books and articles) My children have been great and have enjoyed spending a week at granny's so mum can study. I am not going to say it hasn't been tough and sometimes the thought of going to college after a full day at school has not been great but being with other new SENCos and finding out how things are done in other schools and gaining a support network of SENCos who you can ring or email for advice or just a moan has been brilliant. I have learnt so much and have loads of ideas of how to improve things for the children with SEN in my school. I haven't had much of a social life this year but having three children, being a teacher and having a husband with a job which means he is away alot, this hasn't changed much! Hope this is helpful and you both enjoy your course. I have enjoyed mine but I am looking forward to the end of it and handing in my last assignment in Jan '11!!!
  4. Hi I'm starting it in September at Canterbury Christchurch. where are you starting the course
    It may be good to compare notes

  5. RJR_38

    RJR_38 New commenter

    I've been trying to find the answer online but not having much luck so don't know if you can answer the question. I've almost got my MA in SEN and next year will be applying for SENCO roles - will I still have to do the accreditation even though I have a MA in SEN that is probably at a higher level than the accreditation?
  6. Hi Heather,
    I am studying through the consortium put together from Exeter & Plymouth Universities, sharing notes sounds great!!

    RJR - i am not sure to be honest, i know several SENCo's who arent 'required' to do the course who have completed it anyway. I think if you are a new SENCo it will be expected of you, although if your MA has covered the same points there may be a way you can crossover? I have less to complete in module one becuase i completed the Devon County SENCo induction training last year, and the key points overlapped with Module one, so it has been accepted as prior training. I imagine this may be the case for you too!

  7. Hi - I start this course too in Hampshire (Winchester) in September and am dreading the workload, but looking forward to learning things that will help me be a better SENCo. It would be great to keep in touch and compare notes through this thread. For me the first day of 6 is on 15th September - not a good time to be out of school as I'll still be settling in my Year R pupils - for some of them that will be thier first week of school.
  8. Currently doing this course and not really enjoying it to be honest.
    Off to a bad start when LA failed to mention just how intensive this was going to be and the fact that it was not optional didn't sit well with me. Not helped when (due to it being the first year) Uni and LA give mixed messages - sometimes downright contradictory to each other. Not impressed that every session needs to be reflected (which I see the purpose of) and then referenced to background reading (which I don't see the purpose of!).
    The actual activities are good and will help me become a better SENCo but, for me, too much work on top of a job that already sees us do silly hours.
    Please don't think that I am lazy or not motivated to improve myself. It's just that with a full time year 6 class, Assistant Head, Maths as well as trying to be a good husband and father to a baby, it seems a bit much to ask my to reference my reflections after each session!!
    The big worry is when the realism hits home over what is involved - how many motivated, good, passionate SENCos-to-be will be put off taking on the role?
  9. Just re-read that and seen how negative I sound!! Sorry, not meaning to put anyone off.
    Enjoy learning about the roles and responsibilities of the SENCo, the many areas of SEN and the various ways in which we can help in our schools. Just take all the rest with a pinch of salt!
  10. Figured i would update this and see how everyone is getting on. I have to say, my experiences have been awful. All of the training has repeated content we have already seen at local meetings or county training, and the requirements from the university are as clear as mud, and totally contradictory.
    Is anyone having a more positive experience???! I certainly hope so!
  11. I'm afraid i'm no more positive - the workload is like a dark cloud looming over me. I have no enthusiasm and no confidence. I have gone through the audit, filling it in, but not getting any of the evidence, and roughed out an essay plan/read around it. Hope to do a bit more during the xmas break.
  12. Hi all,

    I am about to begin the senco course at Oxford Brookes in September. After reading your posts I am conscious of the workload and know that this will be difficult, but was wondering if anyone can recommend any books I should read over tthe summer as I know I will find it difficult to concentrate once term begins again.

    Thank you
  13. I can honestly say that I struggling with the work load from work and the course. I am half way through a on line course as my head refused to let me go to uni. I have found it extremely difficult, feeling isolated due to this. It is a good idea if this fits your learning style but I have found it difficult to access. I am now cramming the remaining two assignments before my November dead line as I know what September will bring!
    On the plus side I have found most of the information is useful and relevant and has enhanced my understanding. However, this does not detract from the balancing act of working, teaching and studying and of course work life balance.
  14. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    I'm also doing an online course and find it very lonely. The course is interesting but not helpful to the day to day work as senco. As a new senco I was keen to do the course as I thought that this is what it would cover but it is very academic and not very relevant. The work load is horrible and I don't work full time so I don't know how the rest of you manage. From talking with others there seems to be to much variation in what is provided.
  15. Hi,
    I'm also about to start my course in London and would love to compare notes with you.
  16. I don't want to seem overly negative here, but there are some serious issues with this course. So starting with the positiives; the local authority days have been on the whole excellent and covered a lot of the practical knowledge a SENCO needs. I'm in my first year as a SENCO so they had a big impact on my practice and I believe have improved learning for SEN pupils, particularly in identifying needs and providing appropriate interventions. Learned a lot from being on the course and talking to other SENCOs and sharing experiences.
    However...University days a complete and utter waste of time. Entirely focused on the "academic" side of the course and insults to my intelligence such as 1/2 a day spent on "SENCO Well Being". What numpty decided that having 1/3 of an MA would make anyone a better SENCO? I'm 48 years old, on the Senior Leadership Team, class teaching with 1/2 day for SENCO - there are about a million better things I can do with my time than work on 4000 word assignments and reflective evaluations of training days. Good SENCOs will be good SENCOs because of what they do on the ground, day to day, based on their knowledge and their relationships with the adults and children they work with. Having written a couple of pain in the butt assignements won't help that.
    This course has meant a lot of extra hard work - most of this summer holiday's gone on it. And what do I get out of it? The right to continue with a job I'm already doing - no extra pay, may be a little more job security.
    The local authority element of the course is important, what you do at school with it even more so. But as for the rest - fine if you want an MA I suppose, but I've not met many on my course who are doing it for that reason - most are there because they've been told to or persuaded to. The people who designed such a work load dump for already busy teachers are completely detached from reality.
    Perhaps the most irritating aspect is the timing - we are in a transition stage, what the last governemnt decreed has largely been dumped (or "archived" on the impossible to search National Archives site), but we don't yet know fully what's to come. So half of what we are being asked to write about is no longer even policy.
    If you are just starting this course - keep up with the evaluations, make what you write about relevant to what you are doing in school and use the advice of your tutors and colleagues. I've nearly completed my portfolio and first assignement (300 pesky words to edit out). With that done I'll have one more assignment to go - hopefully finished by Christmas.
    Maybe I can't see the wood for the trees - I'd love someone to reply and convince of the need for this additional workload.
  17. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    I've just handed in assignment 2, one more to go. Still haven't done anything that helps me with the actual job of being a SENCO. The reading has been interesting but very intense.Spent a small fortune on books and printing ink! Have no interest in doing a masters and if I had this would put me off. Looking forward to January and getting my life back.
  18. Well done on persevering with it. I dropped out once I realised the full extent of the workload and didn't think this was manageable with the full time teaching, management role and being new to fatherhood.
    Interesting to hear that you feel it has not helped you do the role of SENCo. Surely this was the point of the course! Are you going to feed this back to the course provider?
  19. Wotton

    Wotton Lead commenter

    Yes I think I should. Having spoken to others doing the course it would seem different providers are all doing it differently.
  20. Hello

    I have started the SENCO course.. do you have any advice from how to manage the work load. I have also started my module 1 and was wondering what the expectations are for the assignment . I am a quarter of the way through of reeasrching and writing., Do you have an example of an assignment that I can take a look at so I know what I need to do. If you can help please email sparkle1978@live.com

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