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SEN teacher trained in Poland

Discussion in 'Primary' started by Kalina, Aug 26, 2011.

  1. Hi there,

    I wonder if anyone could help me or give the advise. I've been trained as SEN teacher few years ago in Poland. During 5 years course at the University I;ve learnt a lot about psychology, pedagogy, teaching people with SEN and I also had 150hrs of teaching experience in order to complete my Master Deree. That's how it is in Poland, if you want to teach in special schools, you can go to University and after 5 yrs you hpefully get Master Degree in SEN. This Degree gives you also proffesional qualifications to teach people with special needs, behavioural difficulties etc.
    I've come to England 6 yrs ago and always wanted to work with people with special needs. I then applied for a job as a support worker and noticed that I'd like to be able to teach these people as a teacher. I therefore applied to GTC for QTS and was told that...I don't qualify because I can only teach in special schools in Poland so in a way it's not a full qualification.
    What can I do? Shall I apply for PGCE in order to get QTS? But then, what's the subject I could teach if I've got Degree in SEN?
    Is anyone in a similar situation or would anyone be able to advise me what could I do?
  2. frustum

    frustum Lead commenter

    There is some form of on-the-job accreditation which I know gets used by teachers from outside Europe (whose qualifications aren't automatically recognised). Usually they're employed as unqualified teachers, and go through the process whilst teaching. State schools aren't supposed to employ unqualified teachers unless they can't get a qualified one, but it's sometimes difficult to recruit in some parts of the special school sector, so it may be worth enquiring about posts, despite not having QTS. There are also quite a number of private special schools, and you wouldn't need QTS there.

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