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SEN teacher in an international setting

Discussion in 'Teaching abroad' started by Amphibien, Jan 25, 2012.

  1. Hello
    For a while I have been thinking about becoming a SEN teacher. Having worked internationally for two years, I have caught the bug and am wondering how I could get into SEN. I am currently looking for a MFL job (international) and have a few questions for globe trotting colleagues:
    -Are there many SEN jobs in international schools?
    -Should I mention my plan to the schools I am applying for as a MFL teacher?
    - If I were to get a MFL job in an international school- would schools look kindly/help me train as a SEN teacher ?
    Alternatively should I go back to the UK (I trained in Scotland and left because of the lack of jobs) and get qualifications in SEN to increase my chances of finding a job ? considering that the job situation in the UK is far from ideal at the minute
    I hope this makes sense...

  2. Hi ,
    I am having a bit of a similar feeling with regards to moving on with International school education or going back to the UK, although what I can say is that I have been working as an Learning support assistant for the last year and a half, I used to teach Art in secondary, and it seems to me that SEN can be quite hard to come by in international schools. Talking about why this is with other work friends it seems that such high expectations are on International students to achieve, that students who will clearly pull down these results do not usually attend the secondary section of International schools.

    In primary setiings SEN can play quite a large role in the school, but when the children get to secondary age, then I am afraid that seems to be a different story. It is such a shame as I am loving my new role in SEN , but am struggling to see any career progression with it in International schools.

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