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sen spelling programmes

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by sue.eacott, Mar 10, 2010.

  1. does any one know of a successful spelling programme for secondary age pupils?
  2. I have been sending out reading & spelling resources on a CD. They were made to support a structured multisensory programme of work based on the progression of sounds in Alpha to Omega by Beve Hornsby and Frula Shear. Although made for dyslexic pupils, the resources would be suitable for any pupil with reading and spelling difficulties
    I have recently finished adapting all the resources to be more suitable for secondary age pupils by changing the pictures to be more age appropriate. There are many resources for each phonic pattern as well as posters of mnemonics for sight words.
    There are examples of the primary resources on my website: www.helpingdyslexia.co.uk
    I could email a complete list of the resources & some examples of the adapted resources for secondary pupils if you email me: margaret2612@btinternet.com

  3. Sound Discovery is a programme which teaches reading and spelling, but could be used for just spelling if necessary. Pupils can be slotted in at the appropriate level and the resources come with the programme. It could easily be 'extended' for secondary pupils with word banks of more complex words.

  4. There isn't one. It's impossible to produce one, because 'correct' English spelling is matter of memorisation and pupils vary greatly in what they can or can't remember. It's a matter of identifying their particular weakness and helping them to address those.
    My blogs at blogspot.com explain the problem in detail.
    For most SEN pupils, it's far more profitable to try and improve their reading comprehension, without worrying about the accuracy of their spelling.
    Masha Bell
  5. SuccessMaker has a spelling programme that a lot of our secondary students find useful. If used 10 mins a day four times a week, spelling improves.
    Specific spelling lists from subject areas also help.

  6. www.spellzone.com
    - its written exactly for this purpose. The website can either be used
    as a course teaching spelling according to phonics or it can be used for
    the extensive word lists, activities and games to make students more familiar
    with the spelling of the words.

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