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SEN Resources

Discussion in 'Primary' started by KelRilon, Jul 4, 2015.

  1. KelRilon

    KelRilon New commenter

    Hi all,

    I'm taking on a new Year 6 class next September. Usually, I have no issue including my less able children, but for this class, I just don't see how it could work. I will have five children, who are ranging from 1c-2b in English and they will be unable to access the work we will be doing.

    We are starting with journalistic writing. I'm currently planning on getting them some stories, which link to our topic work, but at a lower level. Currently, I am thinking about designing a separate scheme of work for them, linked to the whole-class lessons as much as possible, but separately taught by our LSA.

    My new school don't really appear to be using T4W, but I'd think that this might actually be quite useful for them. I was hoping to find a separate (Year 1/2?) text for them to learn as a recount/news article based on our main Power of Reading text. They could then develop it from there, but at their own level.

    Has anyone experience with such low levels in Year 6? (I've taught UKS2 for quite a few years now and have had children at L1 before,...but never that many at the same time.) Any suggestions for resources?



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