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SEN progress

Discussion in 'Ofsted inspections' started by esmereldor, Jul 9, 2011.

  1. Anyone got any idea what constitutes good progress for SEN pupils in Ofsted's eyes? I have just been given satisfactory for SEN because our SEN children (ST, SA and SA+), some of whom are below the 5th percentile for cognitive ability, only made 3 points progress across a year instead of 4..... I totally subscribe to setting high targets for all our children, but it seems that these children in question are supposed to make the same progress as others who are going into the grammar system at secondary level.... is it just me or is this unrealistic? Surely logic decrees that a child with a cognitive ability level of the 90th percentile and a child with a cognitive ability level of the 10th percentile are unlikely to make equal progress. We can work hard to remove the barriers and provide support but there are limits to our magical powers! I can''t get my head around how 3 points progress for these children who really struggle is satisfactory.... knowing them, I would say it is amazing!
  2. 3 points progress over the year would seem to point to satisfactory progress for SEN actually. It's very unlikely that this would be the only piece of evidence used to support the judgement though, and would have been just one piece of evidence among others, including lesson observation evidence. One year of data on its own would never be used by Ofsted to substantiate a judgement. They also have CVA raise information for SEN and the 2 levels progress for Level 1 pupils in maths and English from Raise.

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