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SEN Interview questions

Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by clarecollins87, Apr 7, 2012.

  1. Hello I am a primary NQT and I have an interview for a role in a SEN school. I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice about possible/ likely questions which may be asked which are more specific to SEN teaching?
    Thank you.
  2. Hello I am a primary NQT and I have an interview for a role in a SEN school. I was wondering if anyone can give me any advice about possible/ likely questions which may be asked which are more specific to SEN teaching?
    Thank you.
  3. MrGator

    MrGator New commenter

    Think about the effective assessment of pupils with SEN.
  4. I'd suggest you think of experiences you could share in which you've supported pupils with SEN: the challenges and how you overcame them, what the pupils gained from being with you, etc.

    How would you ensure you have high expectations and set challenging objectives whilst being inclusive, ie not leaving anyone out?

    What are the current issues in SEN?

    What do you know about the green paper (or whatever stage it's at now! search on Sarah Teather)?

    What do you feel would be your biggest challenges in making the move from mainstream?

    What do you know about this particular school - its strengths and challenges?

    Think of challenges which may be presented in a class in this school and think of how you would respond to them.

    Many of the questions will likely be influenced by the type of school it is and the needs of its pupils.

    I don't know that any of the above would definitely come up but I'd recommend you think about them.

    Hope this helps.
  5. MrGator

    MrGator New commenter

    I've had a bit of a think from my interview:

    What is the role of an SEN teacher?

    How would you support the SENCO?

    How would you communicate with different pupils?

    How important is the role of parents in SEN education?

    How do you motivate pupils?

    What does inclusion mean to you?

    What are the qualities of an SEN teacher?

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

    You have been in mainstream teaching for ______ years. What happens in 6 months if your views on SEN teaching change and you decide it isn't for you?

    Hope these are of some help :)
  6. I would imagine there would be a Child Protection question along the lines of "What would you do if you were concerned about the welfare or safety of a child in your care?" Particularly important as children with SEND are statistically much more likely to suffer abuse. They would expect you to refer to policy/ procedure in the school, notifying the named CP professional, documenting evidence with name and date etc.
  7. Thank you so much for all your advice, I have been reading up about these things. Does anyone have any ideas what a written task may involve at an SEN school?
    Thanks again for your help everyone.
  8. Beb

    Beb New commenter

    I had a written task to be completed during/ after a tour of the school.
    We had to write where we found evidence of key areas of focus
    I.e community links, working with parents, developing independence, etc and we also had to
    Detail how we would further develop these areas.
  9. Hi
    In regards to interview questions I would assume they would ask about safeguarding and child protection. Definitley read up on green paper. I would also think about questions involving effective IEP, strategies to develop particular skills . Assessment is key, looking at the child's starting point, thinking about the long term goal, which short term goals will lead to the achievement of the long term goals. Careful planning of steps which children need to make, giving time to ensure progression whilst making sure children retain what they have already learnt.
    In regards to writtent task it might be along the line of writing an IEP, looking at what strategies you would use to address certain issues, what information you would need to help a child.
    Good luck with the interview
  10. My written task, about six weeks ago, was to write a letter to the parents of a male child who had been fighting with another boy in the class. We had to say what our actions had been and what was going to happen in the future. I got the job and can say that the relationship between the school, staff and home carers is really important. I hope this helps and good luck

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