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Discussion in 'Special educational needs' started by Beb, Jun 26, 2011.

  1. Beb

    Beb New commenter

    I do know that some Drbs will take students on gtp where they are currently working they do have to do a terms placement in mainstream if they are working in the special school sector worth investigating Drbs in your area
  2. What is a Drbs?
  3. Hi Lauren
    I agree. I dont knwo that there is a direct route although there should be!
    Try the careers clinic on this website - he will prob be able to help.
    I dont know of another way. I did a Primary PGCE after a degree, and now am going to do my Masters in SEN i hope, although have been working as a SEN teacher for many years without any extra qualification, just lots of relevant expereince ( which you have by the bucketload looks like) If u were in a special school then you would probably stil have to d a placement in a mainstream school. I think they just treat a teaching qualification as just that and not specialised in special needs, u do that afterwards. Sounds mad but I guess they treat them as separate things - one more general to teach and the other to teach special needs. Maybe as there is such huge variety of SEN that having the 'general' qualification as a separate entity makes sense otherwise u may not be qualified to teach mainstream ch with a specific SEN teachign qual exclusively. Sorry not v clear.
    There are graduate teacher training programmes which you can do while you are working - I got my teaching qual by doing part time work and a part time PGCE at ST Marys university nr Twickenham, but you are already in a relevant post so will be able to do it whileu are working I am sure!
    contact the gttr for advice.

    Sheilagh x
  4. Beb

    Beb New commenter

    DRB = Designated Recommended Body The body that runs GTP might be a university or school
  5. Hi Lauren,
    I've been waiting two years for there to be a SEN teacher training programme! I was told to train to be a primary teacher and then go back. Ridiculous. I did apply and got through to the interview stage. They said my experience wasn't relevant enough (I have only worked in special schools). I refuse to now go through mainstream because it's not what I want to do. SEN is completely different in every way and it's rubbish that there isn't a sepcialised programme. Children with disabilities deserve to have a fully qualified teacher in SEN.
  6. Frankly, when you consider how exorbitant are the fees for the short courses run by private companies, it's probably just as well that most of the providers aren't allowed to run PGCE courses in SEN.
    It also bears mentioning that some organisations like ASDAN, I-CAN, TEACCH...etc provide a superlative product so once you have jumped through all the hoops to satisfy someone that you deserve a PGCE, you should then set about acquiring applicable skills and learning from exceptional practitioners. I doubt very much that many PGCE tutors, advisory teachers or Ofsted inspectors ever have or ever will have such a profound effect on the capacity of a new entrant to teaching to do their job better, despite all the blether spouted to suggest as much.
  7. Hi Lauren,
    I was a TA, then HLTA in a special school and knew i wanted to teach, so completed a degree in education studies and now have a place on the primary GTP. This means i am employed by my school and attend Uni for a set number of days over the year( its approx 20 ) and after one year (hopefully!) gain QTS. This is not a SEN qualification but i will be a qualified teacher and as all my experince is in SEN ( almost nine years) i would hope to find a job as a tecaher in an SEN school at end.If after that you feel you want more SEN qualifications, get a masters degree, thats what lots of teachers in my school have done, especially as sen specific teaching/ support courses are rarer!!! I have to complete a whole term in a mainstream school as part of the GTP but all experince is good and there are SEN children in maintsream school so feel the experince will be valuable anyway from that point of view. If your degree is in a secondary specialst subject already you could apply for the secondary GTP or if not , apply for the primary and once you have QTS you can teach from nursery up to secondary in an sen school anyway! The GTP is about tailoring your needs to the course and is quite flexible, it is very competitive to get on to but more SEN places are on the course than before , so thats a good sign!! I hope that helps you, Abi.
  8. That's very interesting. I have never heard of doing it this way so thank you!


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